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MWC: this is Tesla’s electric car for the police

In it Mobile World Congress which takes place in Barcelona, ​​Spain and where infobae is present, the Tesla vehicle that has Vmware software was known, with which police processes can be improved anywhere in the world using technology.

The use of this type of electric vehicles has long-term economic benefits, despite having to make a greater investment at the beginning, compared to internal combustion cars, since being an electric option there are significant savings, at least in the first 5 years.

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Tesla Police Features

This car is focused on broadening the gaze of the patrolmen, who can follow up on the streets inside the vehicle, but could leave out various details in the middle of their mobilization.

To solve this, the car has cameras at the top with facial recognition and also relies on others that monitor other cars in transit in real time.

The car has facial recognition cameras

All this can be seen by agents from several screens that are located next to the steering wheel, showing additional information thanks to sensors that allow more precise data such as the license plate of the cars.

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Another important feature of the Model 3 is that it is connected to the cloud infrastructure, which allows it to be linked to the police command center to improve management. In addition, it can be connected with other vehicles of the authorities, such as a helicopter.

It also has a screen on the rear panoramic part of the car where the text of the agents’ choice is displayed.

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The car is linked to the cloud to send information to the command centers. ( TechMarkup)

Benefits of an electric car for the police

In addition to surveillance tools, vehicles of this type are an option that authorities have to extend the useful life of their fleet of operations and reduce costs, as the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in the United States says.

“Due to the simplicity of the design and the absence of moving parts, the Tesla is also expected to have a much longer lifespan. Our data shows that the average life of a patrol car is 5 years, with a mileage of 169,000 km. This equates to about $19,635 in fuel and maintenance costs, versus just $3,045 for the Tesla Model Y,” they explained.

The cars of the authorities spend a large part of the time at low speeds, making repetitive stops and starts, which in the case of gasoline vehicles represents a high investment and greater wear on the engine.

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The car is linked to the cloud to send information to the command centers.  ( TechMarkup)
The car is linked to the cloud to send information to the command centers. ( TechMarkup)

Video calls from the car

Zoom has confirmed its arrival in electric cars Tesla. The service uses an internal camera located on the rearview mirror while the video call is available on the central screen of the car.

Regarding the availability of the platform in the electric cars of the company Elon Musk. Nitasha Walia, product manager for the video calling software, said it will soon be available “for all new Tesla models.”

The option is only available when the vehicle is stationary in order not to distract the driver.

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