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MWC 2023: TCL demoed smart glasses

MWC 2023: TCL demoed smart glasses

Smart glasses have been recognized as a futuristic development for quite a few years now, despite this, we have had the opportunity to try some of these products for a longer or shorter time, most recently, for example, the solution from Oppo, but it did not fulfill our expectations at all. However, the industry has not given up on perfecting smart glasses or AR glasses, several manufacturers brought such products to show off, but we tested TCL’s solution in calm conditions.

This won’t be a profile picture either… [+]

The device is a bit bland, as can be seen in the picture above, it can be said that it is not exactly unnoticeable. Its 450 mAh battery guarantees an average operating time of 7-8 hours. Between the two lenses of the glasses, we will find a 16 megapixel camera, which can be used to record Full HD videos, the device itself has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which means that it will surely fit a few hours of recording. The treatment is performed on the touch surface on the right leg by pulling a finger or touching it once or twice.


The image in front of us is not the result of a projection, specifically there is a transparent display in the Plexiglas, or a total of two, because there is a Full HD resolution panel in front of both of our eyes. This is where the information is displayed, by default the menu with icons placed at the bottom of the field of view is visible, from there the given application determines what we see. It can be a text translator, which redraws the letters of the caption in front of us in real time, it can be navigation (but the database is not provided by Google), it can be a music player, an incoming call, or even the camera frame. Of course, there are settings, and the glasses can come with a Bluetooth ring that you can put on your finger and offers the same touchpad as the one on the left leg of the frame, so that you don’t have to touch your head for everything.

A ring under all
A ring under all [+]

The prototype, offered only to developers for the time being, can reach selected people in China and the United States at the end of March, TCL expects that additional applications will be created by external partners for the glasses, thus increasing the usability and practicality of the thing. Compared to Oppo’s solution, we had much less focusing difficulties here, the handling is also somewhat clearer, and the displayed image is colorful, and not just a green monochrome thing with a lot of text, but a significantly more spectacular and, at first glance, more mature system was invented at TCL.

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