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MWC 2023: If there’s so much space in a watch, why aren’t they all thinner?

MWC 2023: If there's so much space in a watch, why aren't they all thinner?

While it was just a concept, we didn’t really think that it would actually go on the market, but at a price of 500 euros, the Huawei Watch Buds have arrived in Europe, which is exactly what the name suggests: a smart watch and a headset in one. And if we simplify the matter very much, then it is almost like a watch with a dial that can be opened, and underneath there are two tiny ears with ear canals. Actually, even in real life, it is quite a solution that evokes the gadgets of James Bond, we show you:

Of course, supplying both a watch and a headset with energy in such a way that all functions remain fully functional sooner or later leads to a compromise, and this in this case is the operating time. However, Huawei’s smart watches can normally last 7-10 days, and the manufacturer was willing to sacrifice this to fit the headset, which resulted in three days of operation without charging, and the headset provides music for four hours at a time. However, if the headphones are not used (and therefore do not need to be charged), the manufacturer talks about a seven-day operating time, otherwise the charging of the headset can be turned off by software.


The surprise is that, otherwise, the Watch Buds is a completely correct smartwatch with a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, the appropriate sensors and connection solutions (gyro, heart rate, blood oxygen, GPS, Bluetooth), with the well-known interface derived from Harmony OS. The earphones are symmetrical, it doesn’t matter which one is left and which one is right, because they look exactly the same, the software decides after insertion which audio channel is sent to which one. The whole watch is not at all thicker, bigger or bulkier than any of its competitors, despite this the headset fit inside, which clearly shows that although the manufacturers like to refer to the justification of the chunkiness as “there was not enough space in such a small structure”, there is plenty they still have room to move.

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