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MWC 2023: Custom watch faces (and watchbands) from Timeflik

MWC 2023: Custom watch faces (and watchbands) from Timeflik

Rushing between two larger stands, I noticed at the edge of the section with South Korean exhibitors at the MWC Timeflix displayed its tables, and at first I thought it was some sort of smart watch or bracelet. It turned out that I was wrong, App Poster’s Timeflik is developing an application for Android and iOS, through which you can download a bunch of unique watch faces for Tizen, WearOS and watchOS smart watches. Formerly known as MR FACE, they won the best WearOS app award from Google in 2021.

I asked one of the employees to quickly show what and how they can do with their program. Free to download and use, the app also has a watch face browser and maker. Faceplates that others make for free can be accessed for $1.99 or a monthly fee of $2.49. Among the paid dials are things with graphics made in collaboration with different brands, so if someone’s dream is to have a Coca-Cola or Minion graphic on their watch, they can achieve it with Timeflik.

The straps are currently only available to customers in South Korea and Japan. [+]

In the face maker, you can set your own photo, write different text, there are selectable hour hands, fonts, colors, and pre-generated templates. The Timeflik app can be installed on both the phone and the watch, but they said it’s better to use it through the phone because it’s faster and easier anyway. When the face is ready, you can easily add it to the application used to connect your smart watch, there is a button for this in the Timeflik app.

Here we just made a face from a great (not) photo of me.
Here we just made a face from a great (not) photo of me. [+]

In the Korean market and the Japanese market, Timeflik has extended its cooperation to watch straps, a few examples of which can be seen in the picture above. For the time being, it is not possible to order from them for the western markets, during the spring they would like to expand in this direction as well and provide global delivery. They are also planning to open the platform to desktop systems, and are working on a dial designer that can be run via a browser.

On iPhone, iOS 14 is the minimum system requirement, and Apple Watch watches are compatible, but for now, other watches connected to iPhone are not. Android 6.0 system is the minimum requirement, all smartwatches running WearOS 2.0 or newer and Tizen-based Galaxy Watch 3 are also supported. HarmonyOS, ZeppOS, Fitbit and Garmin are not supported. If you are interested, you can find Timeflik here in the App Store and here in the Play Store.

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