MWC 2023: Cheap Nokias also come with two-year software updates

Nokia has brought two new phones to Barcelona as members of the C series, the C22 and C32 will also try to gain customers in the cheap category. Specifically, this means that the C22 will cost HUF 50,000 and the C32 will cost HUF 65,000 new, and the difference in price is absolutely justified by the differences in functionality. Nokia continues to focus on making the devices they offer more durable than average, and the completely bare system (Android 13 Go in the C22 and Android 13 in the C32) consumes 20% less storage space than other manufacturers’ software. The point, however, is perhaps not even this, but that, in an unusual way in the category, they promise a two-year system update for the C32.

C22 [+]

The C22 is built around a Unisoc 9863 chipset, with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The display has a 6.517-inch, dewdrop-shaped notch at the top, the resolution is HD, and the technology is IPS. The microSD expansion, Type-C and jack connectors were not left behind, it received IP52 protection (splash water and dust), a rear fingerprint reader, a 13-megapixel rear camera with a 2-megapixel macro companion, and a rather hefty 5,000 mAh battery as well. Which, on the other hand, can only be charged at a rate of 10 watts, but an adapter will not be included in the package, because the flag of environmental awareness has been flying for some time, so the complete package consists of recycled elements.

C32 [+]

The manufacturer says that the entire C series emphasizes imaging capabilities, at least at the level that the category can offer. According to them, this can be seen especially in the evening mode, but according to the signs, the C32 will be able to achieve this by relying on a much more serious hardware selection, because the chipset does not change there, but 4 GB of RAM is added to the machine, and the resolution of the rear camera increases to 50 megapixels. Although we have already seen a sensor with this resolution in the cheap segment, this unfortunately does not automatically mean that great photos will be taken, but it was highlighted at the presentation that attention was paid to the C32 from this point of view. The other parameters are the same, the product is characterized by a 5000 mAh battery, HD resolution display, and IP52 protection.

The C22 will be available in black and brown, and the C32 in gray and pink shades in Hungary, of course we asked for both for testing.

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