“Mr. Robot” on Prime Video: what makes this techno-thriller drama series special?

mr robot is a technological thriller of 4 seasons with 46 episodes, which takes inspiration from other stories such as blake runner, Five Club, clockwork orange, V for Sale Y Matrixamong other. However, it tells an original story in itself. This is a drama from 2015 to 2019, composed of crime, technology and drugs; and has as its protagonist rami maleckwhom they accompany Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Michael Gill, Gloria Reuben; among others. And now you can see it in Prime Video.


The story follows the life of Elliot Alderson, a young programmer with social problems who, during the day, works as a cybersecurity technician for a major computer company and at night is a cyber vigilante who gets involved in a dark plot.

"Mr. Robot" had a total of 4 seasons with 46 episodes. (USA Network)
“Mr. Robot” had a total of 4 seasons with 46 episodes. (USA Network)

What makes special mr robot?


First, the story of its protagonist Elliot, who by day is a computer engineer and by night is a black hat hacker who uses his skills to “do good.” It is he who narrates his experiences, in addition to breaking the wall that divides the viewers of the feature film, since in one way or another he talks to them. Young Alderson turns the audience into his “imaginary friend” and makes them part of his existence. His relationship with the public evolves throughout the series; it is almost as if the spectators were a character within it.

Second, another of his pluses is the co-star, Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), who invites Elliot to be part of his team of hackers to carry out the plan to destroy one of the largest conglomerates and thus redistribute wealth worldwide. A character who keeps a great secret.

Rami Said Malek, star of "Mr. Robot", is an American actor of Egyptian origin. (USA Network)
Rami Said Malek, star of “Mr. Robot”, is an American actor of Egyptian origin. (USA Network)

Third, mr robot It is a story that plays with the minds of viewers because fiction, despite being a television series, has the aesthetics of a movie. For example, misaligned frames convey what your characters are feeling on stage. In the same way it does it with colors, sometimes desaturated and dark, and other times very bright.

As a fourth reason, mr robot is a series full of criticism of today’s society, in which the use of technology and social networks has gotten out of control. A society governed by large corporations that destroy the planet, individuality and little by little even freedom. Likewise, it touches on other relevant topics such as depression, autism, addiction, mental illness, abuse, manipulation, etc. All this to give us a masterpiece.

Christian Slater, co-star, and Rami Malek, star of "Mr. Robot." (USA Network)
Christian Slater, co-star, and Rami Malek, star of “Mr. Robot.” (USA Network)

mr robot is directed by Sam Esmail and has more than 15 nominations for various awards in the film industry. At the Golden Globes in 2019, Rami Malek was nominated for Best Drama Actor thanks to this one. So, if you haven’t seen this fiction yet, the above reasons might convince you. It is a jewel that should not go unnoticed in Prime Video.

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