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Mozilla also wants to dump Webkit on iOS

Mozilla also wants to dump Webkit on iOS
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Update (2023-02-07):

After the announcement that Google files a new IOS version of Chrome that does not use Webkit as a rendering engine, a similar announcement now comes from Mozilla.

According to The Register, Mozilla hopes that the iOS version of Firefox will eventually be based on Gecko, the rendering engine used on other platforms.

For Google and Mozilla to get their way, Apple would have to change its regulations, something the company opposes citing security concerns.

If the US and the EU put their foot down against Apple, the changes could come about at the end of the year at the earliest.


For a long time now, Apple has demanded that all browsers for the iPhone and iPad use the rendering engine Webkit, a decision that was met with harsh criticism.

Now The Register reports that Google is filing for a new iOS version of Chrome that uses Blink, a proprietary rendering engine used in Chrome on other operating systems.

The hope is that the competition authorities in the EU and the US will demand changes from Apple and then Google wants to be able to roll out the new version of Chrome as soon as possible.

In this context, it can be mentioned that Blink was originally an offshoot of Webkit, but over the past ten years they have been developed separately.

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