Motorola launches new foldable Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra


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Motorola presented today (1st), in New York, its new line of foldable smartphones for 2023 composed of Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra. Both have a very similar design, in addition to a flexible 6.9-inch internal screen that allows the devices to fold in a flip shape. The great visual highlight for the Razr 40 Ultra is its giant external screen by category standards: it is a 3.6-inch display with pOLED technology and 144 Hz refresh rate.

In terms of processor, the Ultra model has the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a powerful chip from Qualcomm, but from the last generation. Motorola did not elaborate on why it was not using the chipmaker’s latest model. The regular Razr 40 hits the market with an intermediate Snapdragon 7 Gen 1.

The flexible design of the Razr 40 and 40 ultra

There will be three color options for each smartphone, and the finish may vary according to the color chosen by the consumer. The regular Razr 40 will hit the international market in Sage Green, Vanilla Cream and Summer Lilac — green, white and lilac, respectively. All of them deliver a vegan “leather” finish on the outside of the product, except for the Gorilla Glass Victus that covers the 1.5-inch external display.

The top of the line Razr 40 Ultra, in turn, will be sold in Infinite Black, Glacier Blue and Viva Magenta options — black, blue and red. This last variant is Pantone’s “color of the year”, exclusive on mobile devices for Motorola. In terms of finish, only Viva Magenta will have vegan “leather” on the outside, while the other two options will have Gorilla Glass Victus.

Motorola has highlighted the possibilities of using smartphone cameras from its folding design. The brand calls this Flex View, in which you can partially fold the device to use it as a tripod for the integrated cameras to be positioned vertically or at an angle. Thus, it is possible to take creative photos without having to always have the device in your hand or mounted on an accessory.

giant external screen

The external screen of the Razr 40 Ultra also stands out for its versatility. In addition to serving as a viewfinder when taking photos and videos with the device closed or in Flex View mode, it is possible to interact with the display using a wide range of apps. You can reply to messages, use maps, and even watch videos on TikTok. Some of these tools offer the continuity feature — when you close or open your phone, the app in use switches from one screen to the next automatically without having to start all over again.

It is also possible to play some games on this external Ultra screen and use customization features, such as animated and colorful time displays. There are also panels, which are reduced versions of some apps created to work within the limitations of the external screen. There’s even a Spotify dashboard that lets you interact with your playlists instead of just switching tracks.

As the external screen of the regular Razr 40 is much smaller, it has customization features and simpler panels, but it also allows you to use this display as a viewfinder for the camera. It is good to remember that the traditional gesture of turning the wrist twice with the cell phone still activates the camera of both models, both open and closed.


Due to the Razr 40 Ultra’s bolder design, its battery is small. There are only 3,800 mAh of capacity, with TurboPower charging of 30 W wired and 5 W wireless. The base Razr 40, meanwhile, is more generous in that department, with 4,200mAh of battery capacity and the same 30W fast charging and 5W wireless charging.

Both will be dual-chip, with a physical slot for a SIM and the possibility of using an e-SIM simultaneously. They also hit the market with Android 13, and Motorola promises three generational updates to the Robot, with both smartphones expected to reach Android 16, plus 4 years of security updates.

price and availability

The Razr 40 Ultra arrives in the US on June 16th costing US$ 999, about R$ 5 thousand in direct conversion excluding taxes. Motorola has not yet revealed the device’s prices for Brazil, but this should happen in the next few days, along with the announcement of the start date of sales.

The regular Razr 40 should hit the international market a few weeks later, and there is still no official price revealed for the model anywhere in the world.


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