Moto G52: Motorola’s best value for money in an intermediate cell phone? | Analysis / Review

Moto G52: Motorola's best value for money in an intermediate cell phone?  |  Analysis / Review

The Moto G52 is Motorola’s newest bet in the segment that fights for the best value for money. It has a design inspired by the G82 and even has several features in common, but with weaker hardware to guarantee a lower price. Is it worth it?

The G52 is a cell phone made of plastic with a current design with thin edges. It can be found in white, black and blue colors in the national market. It’s a big, slippery device because of the smooth finish, but it comes with a case in the box to help protect it.

The large screen features a 90 Hz OLED panel with strong brightness. It’s a big plus considering that until recently Motorola continued to insist on a low-brightness LCD screen. Stereo sound is also a great addition to having a good multimedia experience.

The G52 comes with Snapdragon 680 and 4GB of RAM, and you can expand the memory by another 1GB by stealing storage space. Still, the multitasking experience is frustrating for lack of software optimization. The battery lasts well with the screen in auto mode for the refresh rate. The reload time is good for the category, but there are more agile ones.

The photographic set is the same as the G82, with the difference that this one does not have optical stabilization. Photo quality is good for the segment, while the camcorder is more limited. The ultra-wide and macro ones could be better, since most of the time they end up being useless.

Is it worth buying the Moto G52? Yes, but not at the price Motorola asks. It is worth keeping an eye out for promotions to buy it for a really fair price and you can follow the prices below. For more details, just check out the full review below.

Motorola Moto G52 full review

The Moto G52 was launched in May 2022 in Brazil by BRL 1,999. Below you will find the best Motorola mid-range deals:

The Motorola Moto G52 is available at Magazine Luiza for BRL 1,439. The cost-benefit is medium and this is the best model in this price range. To see the other 10 offers click here.

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