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Moto E32: basic Motorola evolves and tries to compete with Moto G line | Analysis / Review

 Moto E32: basic Motorola evolves and tries to compete with Moto G line |  Analysis / Review

The Moto E32 is the new entry-level cell phone bet at around R$1,000. Of course, Motorola’s novelty arrived more expensive than that, but its price has dropped and it can attract a larger audience now in the middle of 2022. Is it worth it or do you have better options to buy?

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The E32’s design is one of its biggest draws. It has a more current look, different from other brands that still launch entry-level phones with an old design. It is thinner and lighter than previous Motorola releases and will end up winning over many. The 90 Hz display guarantees good fluidity, but the brightness level could be better. The mono sound is not the most powerful, while the sound quality is surprising for the category.

Performance is mixed and will depend on your priority. The union of Unisoc T606 and 4 GB of RAM would be enough to deliver a good experience, but everything is ruined with the bad RAM management of Motorola’s software. At least we have good gaming performance and the Moto E32 manages to run everything effortlessly.

The 5,000 mAh battery lasts well and guarantees autonomy for the whole day with ease. The 10W charger that comes in the box is not the fastest and takes 2 and a half hours to fully charge the battery. A quick 15-minute charge will only be enough to recover 13% of the battery.

The photographic set of the Moto E32 is quite simple and we have a 16 MP camera accompanied by two 2 MP for macro and background blur. The quality is only decent in well-lit places, while it loses quite a bit of sharpness at night. There’s the Night Vision mode that just makes the photos brighter. The front camera features grainy selfies and portrait mode disables HDR. The camcorder records in Full HD, has no stabilization, the focus is not the fastest and the sound capture is only mono.

Is it worth buying the Moto E32? For less than R$ 1 thousand it can be interesting, but above that there are better options. To check all the details, just access the full analysis at the link below:

Motorola Moto E32 full review

The Moto E32 was launched in Europe in May 2022 by BRL 1,499 and can currently be found in offers below:

The Motorola Moto E32 is available at Extra for BRL 1,102. The cost-benefit is Good. There are 12 better models. To see the other 58 offers click here.

(Updated August 18, 2022 at 00:16)
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