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More than 1,500 free series and movies on YouTube

In the past week, Youtube announced that it would add more films and series of television so that the users of USA see them for free. Undoubtedly, a very interesting alternative that can be quite useful for those who do not want to pay to access other streaming services.


The only “downside” is that the content contains ads, but that doesn’t seem too bad. However, it is almost impossible to find new titles.

According to Mashable, There is no easy way to access the full catalog of free movies and series promoted by YouTube. Apparently, the platform owned by Google it does not allow free browsing of all its titles, but instead only displays an algorithmically generated selection of products that it thinks each user might like.


Without a doubt, a decision that unnecessarily complicates the experience of accessing the content. The aforementioned medium says that the free episodes or feature films appear in a specific section, under the name of ‘free movies’, but still you will not be able to see the complete list of available material.

And although you can use a search engine or browse through the section ‘Movies and TV shows’ to find them, there is no way to filter content at no additional cost to the user.


YouTube ensures that this method has a reason

“YouTube is personalized to users, so instead of seeing the entire library at once, users see selections for them. Once they start watching, or when new titles come in or out, the composition of the selection will change.” they explained from the platform.

At first sight it is certainly not a very complicated matter. After all, it is also understandable that YouTube wants to provide better visibility of products that can be purchased or rented.


However, this can cause headaches for users looking for a quick way to find free content. that is, without having to spend a few minutes browsing the platform almost blindly.

YouTube’s own algorithm is the big problem in finding series and movies on the platform

When YouTube announced it would be adding more free movies and TV shows to its catalog in the US, it said content would be easier to find. However, that doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

“To enhance the viewing experience, we are introducing new simplified navigation and immersive banner art. Rich visuals and new menus will help you more easily find your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your couch.

Everything indicates that YouTube still needs to dedicate a little more care to the visibility of its free content. And also It raises the question of whether the rest of the countries will one day receive the possibility of watching movies or series at no additional cost, ad-supported, currently limited to the United States only.

Note that if not located in North America, users have to make do with the options to purchase or rent materials available. And although the categories are good, User complaints are quite common in reviews; in some cases for the pricebut also because in some countries the service does not is working in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, Google’s platform continues to expand its horizons. It should be noted that the company just closed its original content division and is refocusing its efforts.

YouTube’s intention was to promote Shortsa short video format inspired by TikTok and that enabled collaborative live streaming; but that’s not all, because they are not immune to industry trends, such as interest in NFT and the metaverse.

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