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More ABF substrate for better availability of graphics cards?

GPU ABF substrate shortage
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Another good news to hope for a drop in the cost of graphics cards or another soon-to-be disappointed hope?

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For nearly two years, the situation on the graphics card market has become so complicated that we cling to the slightest hope of improvement.

ABF for Ajinomoto Build-up Film

Discovered in the 1970s, the ABF substrate was developed by the Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Company. It then quickly gained importance and, from the 90s, Intel used this dielectric film to connect components and PCBs of its products, taking advantage of the material’s insulation qualities.

Since then, ABF has been widely used in the semiconductor industry to ensure the packaging of CPUs, GPUs, but also chipsets and many other components. It has become a material as important as it is little known to users. In 2020 and 2021, its difficult supply has added to the difficulties of the industry.


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Better from mid-2022?

Today, the production of ABF is ensured by a few companies mainly based in Taiwan (Kinsus, Nanya and Unimicron). Companies that have all announced significant increases in production to meet growing demand. And it could be that these investments are finally paying off.

Relayed by Tom’s Hardware, Digitimes explained that sources within the companies ASRock and TUL said that the supply of ABF substrate should improve by the middle of the year 2022. In fact, the production of graphics cards could progress in stride.

However, as our colleague explains, these details only concern a few players who only work with AMD. As to who will be affected by this better supply of ABF, the question arises. Moreover, the investments of these actors could take longer to produce their effects and the Business Times expects tensions until 2025.

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Source: Tom’s Hardware

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