Moonchild Mixes: everything about Selena Quintanilla’s new album 27 years after her death

Moonchild Mixes: everything about Selena Quintanilla's new album 27 years after her death
Selena would turn 50 in 2022 (Photos: Twitter/@sele_navive)

This Friday, August 26 Selena Quintanilla’s new posthumous album was released, which goes by name Moonchild Mixes and has ten unreleased songs, as well as three remixes of the Queen of Tex-Mex.

And it is that, although the interpreter of hits like Forbidden love, The girl from apartment 512 either Dance this cumbia passed away 27 years ago after being attacked by Yolanda Saldívarthe singer’s family has not stopped doing the impossible to keep Selena in the hearts of their fans.

It was during an interview for the agency Eff, where Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla – Selena’s father and sister – revealed that creating this new album was quite a challenge for them, since the songs are themes that The Queen of Tex-Mex recorded when he was between 13 and 16 years old, so an arduous job had to be done to make the melodies sound like they were just recorded.

“The public still remembers her. They haven’t forgotten her and have been waiting for such a project,” said Selena’s father.

According to Suzzete, the artist’s family decided together on the name of the album and they were inspired by the name Selena, which in Greek means Moon Goddess.

How was characteristic of Quintanilla, this album could not leave behind the rhythms of cumbiawhich is why his brother -creator of the Kumbia Kings- did not hesitate to strongly incorporate this genre.

“I was the one who did the mixing for all his vinyl records. For this album I used elements from the world of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), with arpeggios on the keyboard, to give it the flow of cumbia” commented AB Quintanilla.

Also, although Selena recorded these songs between her childhood and adolescence, her brother lowered the range of her voice to make her sound older and the way the public remembers her.

Selena Quintanilla became a musical legend (Photo: File)
Selena Quintanilla became a musical legend (Photo: File)

The Quintanilla family assured that they still have 40 Selena Recorded Songs, But Still Not Sure If They’ll Continue To Release Her Music. However, something that will probably be done is a concert in 2023 to celebrate Selena’s legacy.

“It is not to commemorate any special date, but to celebrate her,” explained her sister Suzette.

It should be remembered that Selena Quintanilla She is still present in the memory of millions of fans who remember her with great affection through her music, videos and great presentations.

And it is that the famous one, was not only a singer, but also a composer, model and actress, who thanks to her interpretation of genres such as the ranchero, ballad, mariachi, Latin pop, Mexican cumbia and especially the tex mex managed to establish itself as a great exponent of Latin music.

Selena was born on April 16, 1971 at Lake JacksonTexas, United States, and although everyone associates her with Mexico, because of the Mexican descent that her family brought, the reality is that the musical mastery that she achieved in the Aztec country and that her main successes were in Spanish, are part of the unity culture that still haunts her.

He began his musical career at the age of ten, alongside his brothers suzette Y Abraham Quintanilla III and recorded his first album at the age of fourteen. After a prosperous career, on the morning of March 31, 1995, Selena argued with Yolanda Saldivar -director of the singer’s boutiques at the beginning of 1994- by problems of alleged diversion of money.

Between a heated verbal fight, Saldívar took a weapon out of her bag, a 38-caliber Taurus 85 revolver with a sawn-off barrel, according to official reports, and pointed it at the Queen of Tex-Mex who tried to run away and before leaving the room, Yolanda he shot him.

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