Mobile plan: for Black Friday, BIG RED by SFR 100 GB at 13 €

We are once again returning to the mobile plans side to appreciate a most convincing offer only available during Black Friday 2021. Today, the Big RED 100 GB subscription is in the spotlight at only 13 € / month.

The Big RED package in two words:

  • 100 GB of 4G + internet
  • Subscription without obligation
  • Unlimited calls and SMS / MMS


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The star package of Black Friday

Be careful because the BIG RED by SFR is only accessible for a few hours. We will therefore have to decide quickly! To make your job easier, the operator offers this formula without the slightest commitment on your part. You can therefore free yourself from it at any time. Another good point is that you will keep your current mobile number free of charge. Simply count an additional € 10 when subscribing to activate the SIM card.

The Big RED package comes in three other alternatives with, for example, 200 MB of the internet at 5 € / month, 50 GB at 12 € / month, and even 200 GB at 15 € / month. As for the 5G subscription with 130 GB of data, it is billed at 24 € / month. You choose!

Big RED: a package that has it all

At the heart of the offer that interests us today, we find an internet envelope of 100 GB in 4G. A 50 GB recharge at € 10 is also available each month. Calls are unlimited to mobiles such as landlines in mainland France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte). Note that a call cannot exceed a duration of 3 hours. As for SMS / MMS, they are also unlimited to all operators in France (within the limit of 200 recipients per month).


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Let’s finish with the possibilities that will be offered to you during your travels outside France. Indeed, from the European Union and the overseas departments, you will also benefit from unlimited calls and SMS / MMS. An additional 12 GB of mobile internet can be consumed within these destinations. In short, it is an ultra-complete offer.

Packages not to be missed

There is no shortage of alternatives in the area of ​​telephone subscriptions. And this is even more true during Black Friday since all the major operators compete in imagination to offer ever juicier offers. To help you see more clearly, consult our comparison of the best mobile plans of the moment.

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