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‘Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment. Part 1’: release date, trailer, cast, plot and characters

 'Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment.  Part 1': release date, trailer, cast, plot and characters

Cling to the fuselage of an airplane in flight, free climb or climb the facade of the tallest building in the world. Tom Cruise is willing to risk his own life if, in return, he manages to save the movie his.

With Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise managed to get the sequel to an 80s movie into the top 20 most watched titles in history. But there was still more. Judging by what is seen in the trailer, Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment, Part I it could be the action movie cathedral that Cruise always wanted to build. And it’s about to be released.

‘Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment. Part 1’: release date

Since Brian de Palma premiered the first installment of Mission Impossible in 1996, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has become one of the most popular movie heroes. But the years do not pass in vain (not even for Tom Cruise), and Ethan Hunt sees his retirement close.

To leave with honors, the invincible spy will take to the track for the last time to face what promises to be a lethal farewell dance divided into two films. The first installment of Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment will come to our theaters July 14.

‘Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment. Part 1’: trailer

‘Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment. Part 1’: cast

Except for his directorial debut, hellish kidnapping (2000), Christopher McQuarrie He doesn’t get behind a camera if Tom Cruise isn’t in front of it. The last living movie star has starred in his jack reacher (2012) and the last two installments of Mission Impossibleboth directed by McQuarrie.

But, who else will accompany this inseparable duo? Well, the also infallible simonpegg (Benji), Ving Rhames (Luther, who was not seen since the third installment), Vanessa Kirby (Alanna) and henry czerny (Agent Eugene Kittridge), who left the saga in its first installment, when everyone was much younger and Tom Cruise… Well, Tom Cruise is a separate case.

‘Mission: Impossible – Deadly Judgment. Part 1’: plot and characters

What are the movies about? Mission Impossible? We know that there are motorcycle races, jumps, combats and that we ourselves will jump out of the seat several times throughout the footage, and the rest doesn’t matter too much to us. But still, the movies Mission Impossible they have an argument.

In the penultimate installment of the saga, Ethan and his family will try to get hold of a weapon that, if it falls into the wrong hands, could endanger all of humanity. In addition, McQuarrie has ensured that the character played by Cruise will fight, in turn, with the ghosts of his past.

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