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‘Mission Impossible’ against ‘Oppenheimer’: Tom Cruise, at war with Christopher Nolan for IMAX theaters

An intense summer is coming. Apart from the fact that June itself is going to be very busy (with Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse premiering this weekend and soon Flash in addition to Indiana Jones and the dial of fate), come July we come across the situation that Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1that Tom Cruise it began shooting shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, it opens a few days before the reloaded July 21date oppenheimer and Barbie.

There is a congestion of premieres that remains to be seen if it does not end up harming someone, but what interests us now is the exhibition that these films contemplate. Both Cruise (with the complicity of Christopher McQuarrie) as Christopher Nolan signing oppenheimer they are self-proclaimed advocates of the cinematic experience. They deny the streaming and they hope that with their gigantic movies people won’t stay home, Nolan having been the one who gambled by turning Tenet in the first blockbusters released during the pandemic. A commendable move, but one that did not meet expectations.

Cruise had better luck, vying with Paramount for the length of the release window for Top Gun: Maverick (and taking to Deadly Judgment – Part 1 hostage) until the major relented, and the sequel became the highest-grossing film of 2022 (prior to the release of Avatar: The Shape of Water). collecting 1.5 billion of dollars, Cruise has been called “savior of the halls”and now the star hopes that this consideration will grant him certain privileges in front of Nolan.

The next installment of Mission Impossible the premiere 12th of July in the USA (the day 14 in Spain), just a week before the 21st arrives Oppenheimer. And this is a problem, because Cruise wants to release it on all screens IMAX from the US and these are already booked by Nolan. That is Deadly Judgment – Part 1 it would only be a week in IMAX before the theaters hosted oppenheimer, which Cruise finds inadmissible. According to collect Matthew Belloni in PuckNewsThis has triggered the war.

The battle for control IMAX

Cruise wants that Mission Impossible spend more time in IMAX theaters, and believes that it is not fair that it has to be withdrawn by Oppenheimer. That is why these days he is moving heaven and earth to reach an agreement with the exhibitors: one that can lead to him and Nolan sharing the screens of the territory. Cruise is talking to the big industry magnates to get it, with the support of paramount to face Universal and to the director of oppenheimer.

Can you get away with it? It’s hard to say, because Nolan is something of an ambassador for the IMAX format. She has always believed in him, she has invested in those kinds of projections, and she has filmed oppenheimer keeping it in mind. On the other hand, Cruise considers that for cinemas it is better to give priority to Mission Impossible and reason is not lacking: Maverick It has been a huge success that makes the experience of Tenet.

In addition, there is the very character of Oppenheimer: a biopic of three hours dedicated to the inventor of the atomic bomb (who interprets cillian murphy). Cruise believes that it is a more niche film than his deadly sentenceand that the box office that he can get is going to be much better than that of Oppenheimer. You may be right, but now dealers and exhibitors have to decide.

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