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Mirela Cabero: who is the Spanish voice of Ariel in the new ‘The Little Mermaid’

Mirela Cabero: who is the Spanish voice of Ariel in the new 'The Little Mermaid'

Many have been Controversies that have surrounded the live action version of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Some of them have made more noise than others, very loud were the complaints when it became known that it would be the actress Halle Bailey who would give life to the mermaid.

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Others have been complaints more focused on the details that were leaking about the film, such as the excessive realism in the faces of Ariel’s friends or how dark the seabed looks, opening an angry discussion on social networks about the reasons why movies are getting darker.

None of these discussions has been able to reduce the hype that this film has caused, everyone is looking forward to being able to sit in the chairwith a bucket of popcorn and enjoy, in some cases, for the first time, the experience of accompany Ariel on her adventure above the surfacebut in others to relive the magic that they already knew during their childhood.

This movie promises to make both types of people happy, because it starts from the original version and modifies some details. Some scenes and also some songs, so it may not always be possible to follow the lyrics with the memory of yesteryear. As in the original, in this one the songs also have their version in Spanish and Mirela Cabero is in charge of making the spectators vibrate with emotion.

Mirela Cabero makes Ariel sing in Spanish

Mirela has devoted her whole life to music, his great passion. The artist, born in Aranjuez in 1990, became known when she was just a girl and she chose to present herself to eurojunior In 2004, a year that will undoubtedly go down in history, Mirela finished second, but she did so behind María Isabel, who would achieve victory for Spain with her Rather dead than simple.

María Isabel sings ‘Before dead than simple’ at Eurovision.

Since then his career has also been closely linked to eurovisionha tried to be the Spanish representative in the contest several times. She has tried it in 2007, in 2008 and in 2009, when Soraya and the night is for me turned out the winner.

His last attempt was in 2017, when he actually came close, was again secondon that occasion it did not happen the same as with Eurojunior, the winner was Manel Navarro, who returned after coming in last place. Both artists had tied in votes in Eurovision goalthe program where the candidate was selected, she had the support of the public and Manel that of the jury, who opted for Catalan.

have tried their luck at The voicewhere he was part of the Melendi team, has sung in musicals, voiced Nala in The Lion Kingso there can be little doubt about his musical talent, which has led him to participate in numerous projectsto try different styles and search until you find your own sound.

Now take advantage of the great honor that voice a Disney movie to take another step in his career and become part of the memory of an entire generation. There is a new little mermaid and a new voice invites us to form Part of him.

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