Miranda Cosgrove: How is the iCarly star currently?

Between 2007 and 2012, Miranda Cosgrove starred in one of the most remarkable series for the generation that grew up watching Nickelodeon. Despite the end of the series, the actress continued acting.

Icarly it was so important that it marked Miranda’s career and that of the entire cast involved with the production. After taking it easy on the profession to dedicate herself to studies, the actress returned to her prominent role.

Since 2021, a revival in Icarly is being shown by Paramount+, the service of streaming of the communication group that owns the channel and the movie studio of the same name. Read on to find out how the star is currently doing!

The worldwide success with Icarly

Exactly one month before her 15th birthday, Miranda Taylor Cosgrove debuted a show of her own on Nickelodeon. It was a lot for an actress still in the beginning of her career, but who had already risen to fame with School of Rock.

In IcarlyMiranda plays Carly Shay, a 13-year-old girl who lived with her older brother — Spencer — in a huge apartment in the city of Seattle.

She and her friend Sam were recorded clowning around during auditions for a school talent show. The video, then, ends up being published on the internet and they become web celebrities, creating an online program of the same name as the series.

The series’ success was great, so much that he was nominated for an Emmy, in addition to having won the Kids’ Choice Awards five times. — four consecutive times. At the same time, Miranda Cosgrove eventually developed a career in music, fueled by the fact that she sang the opening theme of Icarly.

Miranda Cosgrove’s career in music

The practice was common on Disney productions, so Nickelodeon placed its bets and cast Miranda Cosgrove — the rising star of Icarly – in the music career. Throughout her career, the actress has made a studio album, two EPs and four singles.

His first song released was, precisely, the theme song of the series, “Leave It All to Me”, which came out as a single in 2007 and reached the position of number 100 on the Billboard list.

Despite enjoying being on stage and reaching significant positions on Billboard, the disk of Miranda Cosgrove, Sparks Flydid not sell as expected. Launched in 2010, it sold only 209,000 copies in the United States, not surpassing the 8th position of the best sellers in the period.

The result was not very expressive compared to the sales of singles. Still, he released a new EP, with the right to a song (“Dancing Crazy”) composed by Avril Lavigne. As Icarly was canceled and Miranda wanted to dedicate herself to her studies, her musical career was interrupted.

Making room for studies

(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)Source: IMDB

In 2011, the actress announced that she wanted to invest in her training. In interviews, she even told the public that she had been accepted by New York University and the University of Southern California.

He ended up opting for USC, where he studied acting. He shared countless times how strange it was that his own colleagues sold photos to paparazzi. However, she remained firm and dedicated.

the protagonist of Icarly did not stop acting while studying, but slowed down his film and TV appearances. It was more common to hear her dubbing animations compared to acting.

See the productions that the actress participated in after the end of the series

(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)Source: IMDB

After the last episode of Icarly shown on Nickelodeon, Miranda also acted in some movies and series. In 2016, she took her riskiest step on American TV, joining the cast of the comedy Crowdedfrom NBC.

Unfortunately, the program was canceled after one year. After that, she only returned to television as a supporting role, as in an episode of the seventh season of the Goldbergsin 2020.

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In the cinema, he starred the house of fear (2015), spaced out (2017), 3022 (2019) and North Hollywood (2021). But it was like the voice of the character Margo, in Despicable Me 2 (2013) and despicable me 3 (2017), which stood out the most.

The decision to return with the Icarly

At the end of 2020, a former Nickelodeon executive approached Miranda Cosgrove with the proposal to rescue the character Carly, as Disney did with Raven. However, the actress refused, but without completely giving up on the idea.

She got in touch with her former acting partners, suggesting they do a new series, rescuing their characters, but returning them to a more mature audience. That’s how they ended up convincing Paramount executives to rescue the show.

On June 17, 2021, iCarly debuted — again — with 13 episodes that make up the initial season. To the dismay of fans, Jennette McCurdy did not return to the role of Sam Puckett. According to the actress, the production brought back traumatic memories for her.

With the good reception of the public, the series was renewed again – launching in April 2022 a second season with 10 episodes. In late July, Paramount announced the renewal for a third season, which will premiere in 2023.

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