Minecraft game modes: Which one is better?

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There are many factors that make video games interesting, and the Minecraft list is particularly long! If we are going to fully explain each aspect, we will stay here for a few hours, so today we will only focus on one aspect of the game. So let’s talk about the different Minecraft game modes.

What is a game mode? Think of it as the ability to repackage game settings, rules, and goals as they change, to give players a new experience. It is literally a game-changer.

How many game modes are in Minecraft?

Minecraft has four different game modes: Creative, Survival, Intense, and Adventure. Each mode provides unique gameplay mechanics and features, which is one of the many reasons why it is such an attractive and popular platform.

Minecraft Survival Mode

Without a doubt, it is the most common in Minecraft mode, and one that can be found on most servers, it is also the one that presents more options and greater challenges for players. You will have to acquire resources and process them to survive in a world from tranquility to a true nightmare (in a local game, you can also configure this by creating a map according to your preferences).



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In Minecraft survival mode, You can choose between spending the most peaceful life on the surface, navigate the map to find the wonders that suit you best, cut deep into the earth, investigate the automated possibilities that Redstone provides, launch into hell to find fortresses and black earth, or the bravest attempt to reach the end to face the dragon. Or, like many of us, mix all of this with maps that can last for several years in terms of lifespan and playability. There is no doubt that it is the most complete in Minecraft mode.

When talking about Minecraft game mode, There are some people who count the different difficulty levels of survival mode as separate modes. I’m not saying if this is right or wrong, but personally, I prefer not to consider it a different mode but they are different difficulty levels of the same game mode. These are the different survival difficulties in Minecraft:

Pacific: In this difficulty, you need not to worry about evil creatures around the world (main map), nor about food, and your health will be restored automatically without doing anything. You can fall from a height, fall into lava, or plunge into the water and die, but this brings the only risk of a great peaceful experience. Some people mistake it for creative mode, but they are two different modes in Minecraft, where you will have to collect materials and process them.

Easy: It makes good first contact with the evil forces in Minecraft. There are evil creatures in the world, but compared to later levels, they deal less damage. You also need to start worrying about food.

Normal: The most common level, where creatures have dealt the most damage and starvation will minimize the player’s life. At this level, defending against attacks from various creatures has become increasingly complex, and more plans are needed to explore the map and go in-depth for mining.

Difficult: Do you like challenges? This is your level. But this is not recommended for new and inexperienced players. Here creatures can deal more damage, zombies can open wooden doors. Here creatures have the ability of armor and special effects, they are difficult to face. It is only suitable for very professional players.

Command (of mode): / gamemode survival

Minecraf Hardcore Mode:

As the name suggests, in Minecraft mode this is the most extreme and therefore the hardest. When creating a new map, you can try selecting from the initial selector in Minecraft mode. Basically speaking, it is similar to the survival mode of the hard difficulty level. The added feature is that you will be unable to activate the cheat function (which means you will be unable to switch between Minecraft modes in the game). The difficulty can be adjusted later, this is a key factor, you only have one life. If you die, your game will end. You can only enjoy spectator mode if you are playing a multiplayer game.

The only exception is what we told you at the beginning, which is to activate the cheat function when the LAN mode is activated. In this case, you can use commands in the chat or toggle between Minecraft modes in the game.

Command: Only when creating the map, It cannot be activated by commands.



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Minecraft Creative Mode:

No doubt, the second of the most popular Minecraft game modes is Creative mode. Here, you can set the limit by your imagination, because you don’t have to worry about creatures, resources, or food. Here, as the name suggests, the challenge is creative, because you will use all the materials without restrictions, so it can destroy All kinds of blocks (also the base rock) can be easily completed with a single tap, without the need for a pickaxe, and you can fly if all of this seems to be too small.

When creating large buildings and custom maps, Creative is usually the preferred mode for most players. For example, a quick glance at the Harry Potter custom map is enough to show that it was designed in creative mode. In Minecraft game modes, this is no doubt the ideal option for the gamers who want to discover their creative potential without worrying that a tracker will ruin their work in a second.

Command (of mode): / gamemode creative

Minecraft Adventure Mode:

In Minecraft mode, this mode is rarely selected. However, cartographers use it regularly. It is this mode that occupies most of the survival elements. But it allows the user to make changes in the mechanism to suit his own preferences. In this way, you can create a custom experience suitable for the purpose of the map, for example, to prevent players from breaking obstacles or modifying items.



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The main reason for choosing this Minecraft game mode when creating a map is that you want to creatively design it to show to other players. Although it can be done, there is no point in activating it in a normal game.

Command (of mode): / gamemode adventure


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