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Minecraft and Pokémon Go, the most difficult mobile video games to play

Minecraft and Pokémon Go are the two most difficult mobile video games to play. This conclusion was reached by a study carried out by the Mozillion site, which is based on the analysis of searches carried out on Google to complete the different levels.


Apparently, these two titles generate a lot of doubts among the players and they dump their concerns in the search engine to be able to overcome the problems that arise. According to that report, those two games outperform others like Stardew Valley, Genshin Impact, and Subway Surfers in difficulty.

To carry out the report, 130 popular video games that have a version for mobile devices were analyzed. In addition, the analyzes in relation to searches were carried out with the Google Keyword Planner tool.


The data for the period from January 2021 to 2022 were taken into account and updated with information from March of this year.

Then, the references of these games included in the website were taken into account, in which users record the time it took to complete them.


In this way, Mozillion made different lists. One of them focuses on the 25 most sought after games by players for help completing them.

First on this list is Minecraft, which generated 61,000 global searches on Google last year. Of these, 81 percent corresponded to searches for traps.

In second place is Pokémon Go, with 30,560 monthly searches, of which more than half were also linked to cheating, and Stardew Valley, with 24,600 help searches to complete the different phases of the title.


Another fact that leaves the report is that 97 percent of searches for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreaswhose analyzed volume of searches was 6,780, they were related to tricks.

At the same time, A list was presented that includes the 25 most sought-after mobile video games worldwide. In this section, Minecraft is also the winner, with 24.9 million monthly searches Worldwide. Behind are titles such as Solitaire (16.6 million) and Free Fire (13.6 million).

The games that take the longest to complete

Other rankings that this study includes are the 10 games that users take the longest to complete as well as those that are completed in the least time.

Dead By Daylight, with 635 hours and three minutes is the game that takes users the longest to complete.

It is followed by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, with 401 hours and Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, with 168 hours and 53 minutes. These figures contrast with those presented by the last three titles on this list.

These are Pokémon Go, which was beaten by an average of 93 hours and 32 minutes, Minecraft, with 89 hours and seven minutes, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links with 85 hours.

On the other hand, there are the 10 smartphone video games that require the least time to complete. In this section, the Solitaire is the leaderwhich is completed in just five minutes.

It is followed by Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor at 19 minutes and Helix Jump at one hour. At the bottom of the list are Fruit Ninja (two hours and 30 minutes), Arknights and Flappybirds, with three hours each.

The use of video games on smartphones has grown exponentially in recent times: and70% of Latin Americans play more than ever on mobile devices, according to a recent report prepared by Cisneros Interactive in conjunction with Justmob, which was based on consumption habits in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

According to that report, more than half of the respondents, men and women over 18 years old, claimed to play on their smartphones on a daily basis. While in most of the countries surveyed it is exactly 50%, in Argentina and Colombia slightly higher percentages were recorded.. Of those users, nearly 75% have at least three daily gaming sessions. In terms of time, half of the respondents revealed spending more than 40 minutes a day with different mobile video games. Mexico is the only exception, where the proportion reaches 60%.


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