Mindhunter officially canceled by Netflix after 4 years without episodes

Director David Fincher confirmed that the series mindhunter won’t get a third season on Netflix. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanchehe clarified that the high budget of the series was one of the reasons that caused the cancellation.

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“I’m very proud of the first two seasons. But it’s a very expensive show and, in Netflix’s eyes, we didn’t attract enough audiences to justify such an investment,” explained Fincher.

“I don’t blame them, they took risks to get the show off the ground, they gave me the means to do it. Mank the way I wanted and allowed me to venture down new paths with The Killer. It’s a blessing to be able to work with people who are capable of daring. On the day that our desires are not the same, we have to be honest about the separation.”

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On hiatus since the end of the second season in 2019, production had not yet been officially canceled by streaming and fans speculated the chances for a possible new season.

Even without confirmation, actors Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv – the main cast of the series – had already been released from the contract. The justification given by Netflix, however, was Fincher’s busy schedule.

about the series

David Fincher’s acclaimed series has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is set in the 1970s, when two FBI agents interview serial killers in hopes of helping solve other murders.

In addition to Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, the cast also featured Joe Tuttle, Stacey Roca, Damon Herriman and Cammeron Britton.

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