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Microsoft would have ads in some free Xbox games

Soon, users of Xbox might start seeing ads on some games of the console. According to Business Insider, microsoft is developing a new advertising program that applies to its catalog of ‘free-to-play’ games. It may not be to the player’s taste, but obviously it will be done in a way that is not intrusive to the game, or so it is hoped.


Knowing that such a determination may not be well received by the public, the people of Redmond will carefully calculate their strategy. Obviously, the company will not license any brand to display ads in its Xbox games, but rather will work with a very limited (and select) number through a private marketplace.

It is not yet known what Microsoft’s plans are for this new adware. What the aforementioned report explains is that alternatives are being evaluated to do so without interfering with gameplay; so, for example, An ad might be displayed on a billboard during a soccer game. FIFA 22 or a racing game carsso in the interface of a avatar.


However, the company still has to identify some problems before launch. But what’s really interesting is that Microsoft won’t be exploring advertising in free Xbox games as a new way to monetize its own profit ends; instead, I would suggest no cuts and allow title developers and brands to share in the profits.

Free Xbox games could start featuring ads


If the plan goes well, Microsoft’s intention will be to launch it from the third quarter of 2022. Therefore, those led by Satya Nadella they will be looking to attract more free game developers to join their platform. It remains to be seen if ad serving is compelling enough to be added to microtransactions.

The strategy the folks in Redmond would suggest for free Xbox games doesn’t seem unreasonable. It all depends on the quality of the implementation and the rigor of the company in choosing the brands with which it will work.

If the plan is ‘small’ and not intrusive, players won’t be bothered. But if the presence of the ad content starts to escalate to the point where users won’t be able to enjoy a video game without being intensely disturbed by the ad, it will definitely become a problem.


After all, in general, The presence of advertising in video games is not something new. It is true that in some titles it is more subtle than in others, but it is a commercial trend that the big publishers have taken advantage of.

And also the fact that the growing popularity of free games has opened the door to any advertising campaign that can quickly reach millions of people.

For now, Microsoft has avoided commenting on its apparent plans to include ads in free Xbox games. “We are always looking to improve the experience for players and developers, but we have nothing more to share on this,” they said in a press release.

If they go ahead with this plan, it is hoped that it will be in a less chaotic manner than they did with Windows 11. And it is that, those from Redmond recently made headlines with their inclusion of ads in the File Explorer interface of his last operating system; However, the company later removed them due to huge backlash from users and claimed it was just an experiment.

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