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Microsoft publishes new Windows Package Manager 0.3

Microsoft has released Windows Package Manager 0.3, which is a new package manager for Windows 10. Microsoft is developing independently of the operating system, which sounds very familiar to Linux users.

The Windows Package Manager is another application created by Microsoft under the “inspiration” of the Linux tools. We can cite the new Windows Terminal as another example. Although we express our “love” for Linux to the greatest extent in the Windows Linux subsystem, which means that a certain method is adopted between the two systems. Last week we provided you with many new methods: the ability to run applications in graphical mode.


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Abbreviated as wingst, the application is shown in BUILD 2020. The application can be installed, updated, and removed automatically from the command line, which helps developers, administrators, and users with more powerful functions and more powerful functions. The typical installation in the program store or our usual double click in the executable file in Windows is more flexible.

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The new version of Windows Package Manager

The app is still in beta, so its version number is the same as well. Windows packages Manager is open source and is developed in parallel with the operating system. 0.3 is a new version and introduces experimental features that greatly improve the functionality of the program.

Among these new features, there are two new commands, “list” and “uninstall”, which help you to manage all the programs installed in Windows 10. The Winget list displays the complete list of all apps that are installed in the operating system. Also shows all installed applications will be removed upon uninstallation.


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In Windows 10, you can uninstall applications through “Settings” and “Control Panel”. However, Windows Package Manager has the ability to uninstall applications in batches using a single command or script.

Going forward, Microsoft said it will focus on the most needed features, including zip file installation support, and package dependencies. The team in charge stated that they are working hard to release the first huge version outside of beta 1.0, where we may see the integration of all these new features.

How to download Package Manager 0.3

If you want to try the preview new version of Windows Package Manager 0.3, visit GitHub and download it. Else,  use the Windows Package Manage Insider program to get the update through the Microsoft Store (via the list of app installers). If you using Windows Insider, you can also use these updates.

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