Microsoft is also turning to bendable devices

After the mixed reception of the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft went back to the design table and the next Surface smartphone will no longer have two displays, but a device equipped with a large, bendable display that opens 180 degrees, writes the Windows Central citing his own sources. According to the newspaper’s information, Microsoft will use the same design used by the Samsung Fold, Honor Magic Vs or Oppo Find N2 in the Surface Duo 3, which means a smaller external display and a large internal display that can be opened at 180 degrees.

Surface Duo 2

According to the original plans, the dual-display Duo 3 should have been on the market at the end of 2023, the prototypes used larger internal and external displays, and they also had wireless charging in a squarer housing. However, Microsoft has restarted the project, and design and testing are still ongoing. Previously, there were rumors that Microsoft would equip the Surface phone with a 360-degree hinge and display, but according to the newspaper’s sources, this is not true, the already known 180-degree design will be used by the Redmond company’s phone. For now, it is not known when Microsoft’s bendable phone will be a finished product, but it is almost safe to say that after LG, Microsoft will also leave the dual-screen theme and move to Samsung’s path.

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