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Microsoft Edge’s new option to open tabs that were active in Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge's new option to open tabs that were active in Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge.  (photo: TecnoBreak)
Microsoft Edge. (photo: TecnoBreak)

microsoft wants the users of Google Chrome can easily migrate to Microsoft Edge and be able to do it at any time. According to the Windows Latest portal, the company led by Satya Nadella has launched a new function that allows the transfer of data contained in the Web navigator of Google to the default browser Windows. This data includes browsing history, passwords, cookies, payment methods, and even tabs and extensions.

It is true that Microsoft has allowed the transfer of some data from Chrome to your browser to facilitate user movement. In fact, Edge displayed a message saying that the function was available when the user accessed the app.

This is how you can migrate data from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

The difference, in this case, is that now the ability to transfer data from Chrome to Microsoft Edge is available almost anytime, automatically. That is, it will appear every time the user opens the browser.


However, the ability to migrate data from Chrome to Microsoft Edge is only available for two specific options: open tabs and the Setting. This means that Microsoft’s browser automatically open tabs that the user has opened in Chrome. Also, it will do the same with Settings.

In any case, both options can be disabled through the browser settings, in Import Browser Data > Import Google Chrome browser data every time it starts.

Microsoft Edge.  (photo: Our Country)
Microsoft Edge. (photo: Our Country)

Microsoft Edge also makes it easy to transfer other data from Chrome


Edge, Microsoft’s browser, can also transfer other data from Chrome. Among them:

– Markers.

– Passwords.

– Autocomplete.

– Payment methods.

– Browsing history.

– Cookies.

– And soon, the extensions.

Microsoft Edge.  (photo: MacBook/Jose Arana)
Microsoft Edge. (photo: MacBook/Jose Arana)

Users can choose the options they want or not to transfer. Also, disable data transfer if you don’t want it to update with the same Chrome settings every time you open Edge.

While this feature is intended to make it easier to switch between browsers, it can be useful if you keep it enabled at all times, for example, to access content that has been opened in Chrome if the app is not working properly.

Microsoft will also revamp Edge in the coming weeks with new features like the ability to swipe groups of tabs or add multiple languages ​​as favorites.

How automatic image descriptions work in Microsoft Edge

Many visually impaired people experience Internet through a screen reader, which is a technology help desk that reads the content of each page aloud. These readers depend on the tags provided on the images (alt text or alt text), a fundamental aspect for accessibility since it allows to describe the visual content.

However, according to Microsoft data, more than half of the images processed by screen readers lack alt text.

Within the search engine you have to activate the option "automatic descriptions of images"
Within the search engine you have to activate the option “automatic descriptions of images”

What answer to this problem and so that visually impaired users can discover the meaning of all the images that circulate on the web, Edge now offers auto-generated alt text for images that don’t include it.

To try it out, you can visit the Edge accessibility site and search for the option ‘Get image descriptions from Microsoft for screen readers’.

Once enabled, Edge will begin providing alt text for images that don’t contain alt text so the screen reader can read them.

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