Microsoft Edge Dev, latest version makes life easier for those who use multiple profiles

Microsoft Edge Dev latest version

With the introduction of Windows 11 , Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser has become even more central – after all, internet browsing is very often the heart of the PC user experience for so many people. Microsoft is continuing to refine its creature with changes and tweaks, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev, released this week on the Dev Channel (and corresponding to build 99.0.1131.3) fixes some bugs and above all introduces some new features , including one in particular is noted.

We are talking about the possibility of manually setting which profile to open certain websites with . This is an advanced feature that simplifies life for those who use multiple accounts on the same computer, thus avoiding having to log out and then consequently access the desired profile, thus significantly streamlining the process.


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Another interesting novelty , of those that affect the so-called “quality of life” (that is, they simplify and rationalize common operations, even small ones), concerns passwords . In fact, now it will be possible to change the password directly from the dialog box that allows you to save them, thus quickly correcting any typing errors. Below is the complete list of the new features included in Microsoft Edge build 99.0.1131.3 on the Dev channel:

  • Added the ability to manually set the profile in which certain websites are opened via edge: // settings / profiles / multiProfileSettings.
  • Added the ability to change saved passwords from the initial dialog to save them.
  • Added an option to the context menu to open links in new Application Guard windows when Application Guard is available.
  • Added information to the Edge Bar settings page informing users which extensions they have installed that prevent Edge Bar from being used.
  • Management policies (note that the updates to the documentation and administrative models may not have taken place yet):
  • Added a management policy to control if address bar editing is enabled.
  • Added mobile device support for disabling autofill via management policies.
  • Developer:
  • Added support for custom clipboard formats (Chromium Issue 106449).
  • Added support for the WebView2 BasicAuthenticationRequested API, which was previously in an experimental state (edition 120).
  • Added support for the CSS Foldables and Viewport Segments dual-screen web developer APIs, which were previously in the experimental stage.


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