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Microsoft Edge Canary for Android come out with a new UI update

Microsoft quietly released Edge Canary for Android and provided a new user interface and other changes. The browser’s Canary channel runs version 91 and introduces many features, such as access to experimental logos.

The version number of the latest version is 91.0.858.0 and Microsoft promises to release new versions every day. The Canary version was originally discovered by Reddit users and selected by Aggiornamenti Lumia.

It’s worth noting that Edge Canary for Android has a similar User Interface and shell to the normal mobile version of the Edge browser. The latest version has the same page layout options as regular Edge. However, the Canary channel cannot choose to view your reading list. Compared to the existing Edge mobile browser, its menu layout is different too.

Get Edge Canary for Android on Play Store

You can download the new version of Edge Canary via the following Play Store link below and go to the edge to try out a number of experimental features. Please note that since it is a new Canary version, you may encounter many bugs and other stability issues. Fortunately, you can install the Canary version and the stable version of Edge on your device at the same time, so if this happens, you can quickly revert to the stable version.

Unfortunately, there is no changelog for the new Android Edge Canary build on the Play Store listing. Statement: “The Microsoft Edge Canary for Android Preview Channel is now available for mobile devices. This is the Microsoft Edge Canary Channel for Android. Canary will be released every day to keep you updated on our latest developments. Your feedback can help us improve, so download now and let us know what you think. ”Therefore, we expect Microsoft to introduce more features and changes in this release with each daily update.

The new release of Edge Canary was just the day after the company introduced a new “kids mode” on the desktop version of the browser. Child mode aims to help parents provide young users with a safe browsing experience. It is by whitelisting a small number of websites. This model includes two options: one for users 5 to 8 years old, which provides a simplified browsing experience. The other for users 9 to 12 years old, which offers articles and news for children on topics such as animals and science.


Edge Canary for Android

Article Source: Xda-Developers

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