Micron unveils a tiny 3cm 2TB SSD

Micron’s new 2400 SSD may be tiny, but it can still hold up to 2TB of data and support PCIe 4.0, according to the manufacturer.

Micron has just made the announcement in the press: it is starting the volume shipment of its latest SSD, the Micron 2400, which has the particularity of not being limited to the classic “2280” format.

Three capacities: 512 GB, 1 TB and… 2 TB

In addition to this 22 x 80-millimeter format, the company effectively emphasizes an M.2 2400 SSD in “2242” (42 mm long), and even in “2230” (30 mm long), the most compact size available.

Better still, the manufacturer has managed to keep a very large capacity, even on this very small format. The Micron 2400 comes in three capacities, regardless of the length of the SSD: 512 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB.

On a standard ATX motherboard, the “2230” is often reserved for Wi-Fi cards, but on smaller solutions, it is very interesting to be able to rely on an SSD in this format.

Micron specifies that to achieve such compactness, it used QLC NAND flash memory, which therefore contains four data bits per cell, on 176 layers to which it associates a PCIe Gen 4 controller.


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Micron 2400 SSD © Micron
© Micron

On the performance side, the manufacturer mentions interesting speeds of 4.5 GB / s in sequential reading for the 2 TB version and another 4 GB / s in sequential writing. Endurance is displayed at 600 TBW.

Finally, Micron, which gives no idea of ​​the prices of its 2400 SSD, specifies that it consumes 50% less electricity compared to the previous generation.

So, why would you buy such a little SSD? It’s unlikely that most people with a desktop will buy it, and most laptop owners will stick with the normal 22x80mm discs. However, as PC manufacturers strive to reduce laptop footprints without sacrificing storage speed and capacity, smaller 22x30mm SSDs may become more common.

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Source: Micron

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