Michael Myers will return. The ‘Halloween’ saga could continue with new movies and even series

The confrontation between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the psychopath Michael Myers would not have reached his last fight in Halloween. The end, at least for the bloodthirsty serial killer slasher icon. After the trilogy directed by David Gordon GreenMyers would once again stab his victims with knives in new installments, although it has yet to be determined whether it would be in movies or series for streaming platforms.

The most recent trilogy had been produced Blumhouse allied with Universal for distribution in theaters thanks to an agreement with the company Miramax that now it would once again take over the rights to the well-known horror saga and, according to the information obtained exclusively by Bloody Disgusting, it would already be working to find new partners to develop more projects. It is even more likely that both movies and series will be made.

“As far as we know, there is a massive bidding war going on right now, with various parties interested and competing to bring Michael Myers back to life.”is cited in the text published on the website specialized in fantasy and horror cinema.

From the original 1978 film John Carpenterthe franchise is one of the most beloved by fans of the genre and also one of the most lucrative, which is why its monstrous central character has already become into a practically indestructible, immortal entity, with several sequels and reboots that so far culminated last year with Halloween: The end, nothing less than the 13th film in the saga.

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