Michael Keaton will play Batman in “Batgirl”. The era of superhero returns has officially begun

The era of the multiverse and returning superheroes from years ago has officially kicked off the hoof with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. DC does not want to fall behind Marvel and plans to beat its production with more than one film. It has just been announced that Michael Keaton will return as Batman not only in “Flash” but also in “Batgirl” from HBO Max.

Hardly anyone remembers it today, but DC announced its plans for the multiverse before Marvel. In June last year, the first rumors appeared that Michael Keaton would return to the role of Batman and star in the movie “Flash”. The company soon confirmed them, but the actor was eventually contracted for only one production, although previously there were even several appearances. It seems, however, that the colossal success of the star-studded Spider-Man: No Way Home encouraged WarnerMedia to expand its collaboration with the actor.

According to the Deadline portal, Michael Keaton will once again assume the role of the Dark Knight in “Batgirl”, announced for next year. The first information about the likelihood of such an engagement appeared yesterday evening, when the name of an experienced actor was found on a publication by Warner Bros. updated cast. It was not certain, however, whether this was just a mistake. Fans of the Batman versions of both Tim Burton films will surely be pleased to hear that there can be no mistake.


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Micheal Keaton as Batman in the movies “Flash” and “Batgirl”. What does this mean for the DC universe?

The above question is very interesting, but for now we can mainly speculate on the answer. We know there will be at least three Batmans on the big screen next year. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles in “The Flash” and Robert Pattinson will make his debut in his first solo production. Which of the three will be the main actors of the Dark Knight? This is not known. The Batgirl example seems interesting for more than one reason.

The first official photos from the set of Batgirl from HBO Max.Leslie Grace will play the title role and will be accompanied on-screen by Brendan Fraser as Firefly and JK Simmons returning to the role of Commissioner Gordon. What’s so interesting about that? Well, Simmons played this character in the DCEU productions from Zack Snyder, and the Batman there was after all Ben Affleck. Could Batman Keaton be moved to another universe in the course of “The Flash”? Or maybe we will have a complete mix of dimensions or the announced version of Gordon in “Batgirl” will be similar and slightly different at the same time?


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The latter scenario corresponds to what we saw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. JK Simmons played the role of J. Jonah Jameson, but he was not the same head of the Daily Bugle as in Sam Raimi’s productions. Does all this sound like a nice headache? For many viewers, certainly yes, but fans of superhero comics will easily get to grips with all the intricacies. At least this is what DC seems to be counting on, which, apart from Keaton’s return, also announced the appearance of General Zod in “Flash”. Michael Shannon will play it just like in DCEU. Shooting for Batgirl started at the end of November. The film is set to debut next year on HBO Max.

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