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Michael J. Fox knows Parkinson’s is knocking on his door: ‘I won’t make it to 80’

Michael J. Fox knows Parkinson's is knocking on his door: 'I won't make it to 80'

STILL: The Michael J. Fox Story, the new Apple Original project starring Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan, directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, will stream on May 12 on Apple TV+.

As known, in 1998 Michael J. Fox revealed that already in 1991, when he was only 30 years old, he had been diagnosed with a severe form of juvenile Parkinson’s disease. In the years since the Back to the Future star still managed to appear in a variety of film and television projects as she continued her fight for experimental stem cell research carried out through the Michael J. Fox Foundation (FIND THE OFFICIAL SITE HERE ).

In the coming days, CBS Sunday Morning will offer the interview that Jane Pauley did with the actor of which, however, a preview has been released on YouTube in which Michael J. Fox talks openly about the disease and the awareness that he may not have long left to live.

Parkinson’s is knocking on my door. I won’t lie. It’s hard and it’s getting harder and harder. Harder. It’s harder every day. But that’s how it works. What should I do? I had spinal surgery. I had a tumor in my spine. It was benign, but it compromised my path. And then, I started breaking things. I broke this arm, and I broke this other arm, I broke this elbow. I have my face, my hand. This is what happens with Parkinson’s. There are falls… and you inhale your food and get pneumonia. It hits you in subtle ways. You don’t die of Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s. So I thought about my mortality… I’m not going to be eighty. I won’t make it to eighty.

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