michael douglasthe Cannes Palme d’Or Honorary 2023has taken advantage of this situation to remind those attending the festival how the “sexy scenes” of basic instinct they were too “even for France” or how the Oscar allowed him to get out of his father’s shadow.

In a meeting held at the Palace of Festivalsa relaxed and satisfied Douglas reiterated part of what he had said at the opening of the festival, after receiving a standing ovation from the Grand Theater Lumière.

In his 55-year career, Douglas passed through La Croisette five times with his filmsstarting by the china syndromefrom 1979, and ending with Behind the Candelabra, of 2013.

Another of those visits came from the hand of Basic Instinctone of the jewels of his curriculum, of which he said that the most spicy scenes were in a certain sense too much, “even for France”.

“Seeing those scenes in the big palace, on a huge screen…it was a bit overwhelming for a lot of people.. We had a very silent dinner afterwards, everyone was sort of digesting it.”said.

Kirk Douglas and Cannes

On the importance of Cannes in his life, he explained to the public that his fatheralso an actor Kirk Douglas, met his stepmother, Anne Buydens, in that city of the French Riviera.

“Plus, the parties are pretty good,” joked the 78-year-old actor, getting one of many laughs from the audience.

It was not easy for him to follow the -practically unattainable- footsteps of his father in the world of acting and, despite having managed to become one of the names with capital letters in Hollywood on his own merits, he admitted that he has a hard time believing in himself.

In fact, It wasn’t until he won an Oscar for his unforgettable role as Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” that he began to feel like he was coming out from under his father’s “shadow.”. “Until then you feel the comparisons to your father, good or bad,” she admitted.

Michael Douglas: from Marvel to Apple series

The new generations do not know him by basic instinct nor for Fatal Attraction, Douglas admitted, but because of his entry into the Marvel universe, within the saga of ant man.

“I thought: what have I not done? Special effects”, said. Shooting on green screen, before adding special effects, he says it’s harder than it sounds, and with it he’s gained a new respect for actors who regularly do it. “You feel like a complete idiot and then you see it and you’re like wow that’s fantastic!” he exclaimed.

Soon we will also see the actor in Franklinan Apple miniseries which led him to shoot in France to get into the shoes of the American founding father of the same name, Benjamin Franklin.

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