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Mia Goth: actress of the film Pearl is Brazilian? find it out

 Mia Goth: actress of the film Pearl is Brazilian?  find it out

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, you must have watched or at least heard about X: The Mark of Death. The film, released in March 2022 and directed by Ti West, was considered one of the best horror films of last year and had actress Mia Goth as its protagonist, who stood out by playing a young porn actress fighting for her life (literally ).

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Mia Goth in Pearl, prequel to X: Mark of Death, by director Ti West.Source: A24

The success was so much, including, that the work yielded two spin-offs. One of them, which has not yet been released, is called MaXXXine, and the other, which hit the screens in September 2022, was titled Pearl. Both have, again, Mia Goth in the lead role.. The girl, by the way, has been gaining more and more attention from the Brazilian public, not only for her performances, but for another curious reason.

The question from the fans is the following: Is Mia Goth Brazilian? The story around the actress of X: Mark of Death began after viewers discovered her full name: Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth. Well, the truth is that the artist does have green and yellow origins, since her mother is Brazilian. Goth, including is the granddaughter of Maria Gladys, famous Globo actress who participated in the telenovelas Hilda Furacão and Vale Tudo and in the films Todos as Mulheres do Mundo and Os Fuzis.

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Despite her roots in Brazil, the protagonist of pearl, itself, was not born on Brazilian soil. She is English, having been born in London, in the United Kingdom, on November 30, 1993. However, Mia Goth lived for a while in the South American country when she was a child, having lived with her grandmother. She left Brazil when she was just 10 years old, when she left for Canada, where she lived with her father.

And anyone who thinks Mia and Maria didn’t keep in touch after the move is wrong. Proof of this is a video that the English actress recorded for her grandmother, which aired on the show The night is oursby Record.


In the video, even, Goth scratches a Portuguese when honoring the grandmother and rips praise for the actress. Despite liking horror projects, Mia showed that her heart is pretty warm after all!

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