Mexican influencer was exposed for reselling Corona Capital 2022 tickets

Mexican influencer was exhibited for reselling Corona Capital 2022 tickets (Photo: Twitter)

One more time ticketmaster It is in the eye of the hurricane due to the issue of “resale” and it is that the practice of buying tickets to sell them at a premium is becoming more and more recurrent, this fact has been repeatedly denounced by thousands of users for some of the most popular presentations. expected of the year as they are Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Flow Fest, Corona Capital, etc.

This time this new account topic appeared in the conversation topics of social networks by the sold-out achieved by dragon image only in the exclusive presale of Citibanamex, sHowever, it was not the only situation presented that was discussed related to the illegal sale of tickets.

While users complained about ticketmaster for the sale without control of the ticketing of Imagine Dragonson a par with Twitter the name of @cigarrosdemiela Mexican influencer who earned the repudiation and ridicule of thousands of users for sharing in some photographs that she had more than 100 tickets for the next Corona Capital that will take place from the Hermano Rodríguez Autodrome on November 8, 19 and 20, 2022.

In the images you can see that the content creator made use of her platforms Instagram and Twitterin one to encourage the sale of their tickets, which offered the subscriptions at 9,800 pesos and at 4,500 a single for Saturday.

For his part in Twitter boasted the total delivery of the ticketing in a burlesque way, this when the first users began to criticize it: “108 tickets sold and ready to deliver I can’t believe it now that the most retired“, wrote.

After his reply and as expected, social networks flooded his profile with a wave of criticism, to such an extent that he blocked both accounts, but the fact did not stop there, since several Internet users stepped forward when they tagged the account officer of the Corona Capital who denied having “benefactors” as he said @cigarrosdemiel.

There is no program insiders or sales ambassadors, the only official point to purchase tickets is @Ticketmaster_Medon’t fall for scams”, wrote the official account of Corona Capital.

After the controversy in which she was involved, @cigarrosdemiel block your account Instagram and dropped the Twitter. But this did not prevent his case from fueling the debate around the resale that he has allowed over time. ticketmaster.

“Fuck your mother @cigarrosdemiel and all the resellers.” “Yes, it is largely his fault that dlv people like @cigarrosdemiel can do blowjobs like the one with the CC tickets.” “Imagine @SATMX the ticket cost 4200, approximately, they resell it at 9800, it is more than double, it is generating $496,800.00 without paying taxes. Now @Ticketmaster_Me and @CoronaCapital allow this kind of thing. In itself the prices are already excessive and @CigarrosDeMiel all hungry”, are some reactions recovered from Twitter.

The resale of tickets in Mexico has grown through social networks (Photo: Facebook / Cuartoscuro)
The resale of tickets in Mexico has grown through social networks (Photo: Facebook / Cuartoscuro)

How resellers do to access ticketing in Mexico City

In a previous interview for TechMarkup Mexicothe second policeman Eduardo Portillo of the Cyber ​​Police of the SSC-CDMX warned that many of these vendors make the same virtual queues as users, and even use bot. Likewise, the possibility of someone within the company granting part of the ticket for resale is not ruled out.

He added that it is not about organized crime gangs, since no need to be an expert in digital tools to gain access to tickets for resale.

It was also possible to detect through the social networks that are offered, completely free of charge, “priority” sales codes, despite the claims of users who insist that the email they receive says “personal use, do not share”.

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