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Meta: You’re not ready for 3D avatars on Facebook and Instagram

Meta continues its evolution with a revision of the design of its 3D avatars, which will gradually be deployed on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

With the metaverse insight, the Meta group (parent company of Facebook) announced on Monday that it had introduced its famous 3D avatars into the Instagram social network and updated those already present in the Facebook and Messenger applications. They can also be found in the company’s metaverse, using the Meta Quest, its virtual reality headset.


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Meta pushes 3D avatar customization even further

Last year, Meta had already revamped its avatars in virtual reality, to make them both more expressive and customizable. Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has intensified its work in recent months to today add new face shapes and skin colors as well as assistive devices for the disabled.

This includes hearing aids in a variety of colors, even in VR, and wheelchairs that will otherwise appear in Facebook stickers, Messenger chats, and Instagram private messages.

The appearance of avatars has benefited from a major improvement. Meta is indeed keen to offer its users the greatest possible variety in the customization of the 3D character. Along with the newly added face shapes and skin colors, the avatars had already seen the arrival of new eyes, noses, beards, hairstyles, outfits, and builds. Meta has also published a before/after, for those who want to have fun playing the 7 differences game.

It will be possible to adapt your avatar according to the social network

Meta warns that those who have already created their 3D avatar will see it automatically updated. ” You will have the option to jump into the editor and make some changes “, says the company. She adds that it will be possible to present yourself differently on Facebook and Messenger, on Instagram or in virtual reality. It is thus possible to create up to three avatars.

For now, only US, Mexican and Canadian users can benefit from these new features. It is not yet known when they will be deployed in Europe and France. But we will keep you posted at Clubic.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, Meta also thought of American football fans. The group has teamed up with the NFL to offer its users avatars dressed in the colors of the Cincinnati Bengals or the Los Angeles Rams, the two teams that will compete in the lair of the impressive SoFi Stadium in ‘Inglewood (California) on February 13.

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