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Meta will remove Instant Articles for news

Meta wants to focus its efforts on other formats that dominate the market today.

Goal It would be preparing the end of the instant articles, with the aim of restructuring and directing resources to functions that are within “user preferences”, such as video formats, according to Engadget.


The company created this concept in 2015 to Facebook with the idea that the news from the media load faster in the application, giving a better experience to the users.

However, market trends are changing and these types of formats are no longer just the ones preferred by those who use the social network, so “it makes no sense to invest too much in areas” that are not being used to the fullest, the company confirmed to the portal. .

Instant Articles will go away in 2023


According to Engadget, Meta will end support for this type of content in April, because its users spend more time watching videos, specifically short ones, and less time reading news and political content.

“Currently, less than 3% of what people around the world see in the Feed of Facebook’swith publications with links to news articles”, they indicated from the company.

Meta wants to focus its efforts on other formats that dominate the market today.
Meta wants to focus its efforts on other formats that dominate the market today.

Added to this, the company is reducing its investment in news content, according to Axios. An example is the termination of payments to publishers of USA to include articles in the news tab.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that a few weeks ago Goal confirmed that it will close the Bulletin newsletter platform when it starts in 2023.

The completion of Instant Articles will take six months for media outlets to reorganize their strategy on Facebook, as after the completion of this section the links posted will direct people directly to the outlet’s website, which involves some delays in navigation.

All this responds to the changes in the use of social networks today and the trend that other applications have imposed, despite the fact that Instant Articles improved the mobile web experience due to faster Internet speeds and more powerful devices, according to Meta.

This position is added to that Google it also showed last year, when it stopped giving search priority to news in AMP format, which is valuable for news portals because it gives the same speed of navigation.

Instant Articles will cease to exist from April 2023 due to Meta changes.
Instant Articles will cease to exist from April 2023 due to Meta changes.

How to know if a Facebook account was affected by a malicious application

Goal You can’t know for sure when an account has been compromised, but you can have strong suspicions. This is because your social networks cannot know what Applications were installed on the devices.

“The impact does not occur on our platform, but on the one that corresponds to the malicious application, so the best we can do is provide tools and information to people so that this does not happen again,” he assured. David AgranovichDirector of Security Policy in Goal globally to TechMarkup.

In the event that users have received a notification of Facebook about a possible security breach of your account, you should take the following steps:

– Uninstall the application immediately and download it again.

– Create a new password for the account that is not similar to the one used in other web services or social networks.

– Activate two-step authentication through an external verification application, so that an additional layer of security is added to the account.

– It is preferable to activate login alerts so that the device is notified when the account is accessed in an unauthorized way on other phones or computers.

– Make sure that all devices that have the account session open are recognized.

– Meta also recommends reporting those Applications that may be potentially malicious so that fewer people may be affected by the breach of their computer security.

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