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Meta will have its virtual reality headset in October 2022

These new viewers will be released in October this year

mark zuckerbergexecutive director of Meta, officially announced that within the company they work in some new virtual reality viewers that will be available from October, when they are launched at the Connect event, organized by the company since last year, after announcing the organization’s name change due to its new projects and investments in the metaverse.

The CEO of one of the most famous companies in the world confirmed the arrival of a new device of this type in the podcast of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, presented at Spotifyin which also He said that the added feature of this new viewer model is eye and facial tracking that will allow its users to have new tools to socialize within the metaverse.

Zuckerberg, During his participation in this radio program, he implied that the objective of this new visual tracking feature is to bring non-verbal communication, which is greatly influenced by facial expressions, to virtual reality. He specifically explained the following:

The announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg himself (Capture)
The announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg himself (Capture)

“Now the next step is to have the face of our users monitored, in such a way that your avatar is not just a stationary thing, but if you smile, frown, pout or whatever your expression, it can be replicated. in real time”.

This new Meta development would be part of a project called Cambriawhich was mentioned at last year’s Connect convention by Zuckerberg himself, where he had already hinted at these new viewers.

At that time, the businessman assured that they were developing new virtual reality headsets that would be compatible with the Quest 2 and that, in addition to presenting higher resolution, would allow the facial expressions and real eye movements of people who use them to be replicated in the avatars.

According to Marc Zuckerberg, these virtual reality headsets will allow replicating the real easy expressions of the user.
According to Marc Zuckerberg, these virtual reality headsets will allow replicating the real easy expressions of the user.

Likewise, in May of this year the CEO of Meta published a pixelated photograph using one of these viewers, so it is not possible to clearly see what its design will be. Accompanying the publication, a description indicates that It is a high-end device that will be released later this year and will offer better image resolution and color contrast.

Mark Zuckerberg ended up confirming that these new virtual reality headsets will be officially presented in October, possibly in the middle of the Connect convention, what is not yet known is if they will be part of the Cambria project.

How is the digital environment of Meta

Meta's Horizon Worlds.  (photo: WHYD)
Meta’s Horizon Worlds. (photo: WHYD)

Horizon is the official name of the metaverse that Meta has been developing and that aims to be the most complex of all due to the functions that they seek to include, in addition to graphic display, the ability to feel pain, caresses or smells.

To access it, you need to have the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and create an avatar through the Facebook app. In the menu icon, which is the three horizontal lines located at the top right next to the notification bell, you can find the button see more and there select the option of avatars.

However, the only two options available within this metaverse at the moment are Horizon Workrooms, to have work meetings, and Horizon Venues, to be a spectator of concerts, shows, and sports events. The two scenarios are accessed from the functions menu of the virtual reality viewers.


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