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Meta suspends these projects after the dismissal of more than 10,000 workers

Portal smart displays and smartwatches will no longer be part of the products under development by Meta, which has reorganized its work teams. Photo: Andre M. Chang/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the layoff of around 11,000 workers of Meta, which correspond to an approximate of 13% of the total of company employees, there have been significant impacts when it comes to the company’s products.


As reported by the Reuters agency, 46% of the people who were removed from the company held positions technologicalMeanwhile he 56% The remainder had jobs related to commercial areas, according to the head of human resources at GoalLori Goler.

This massive reduction in staff, the first that has occurred in the company in its 18 years of institutional life, has not only produced a economic impact, but another of its consequences is the paralysis of Projects that were in development or that were already part of the commitment to the future of the business.

Smart Portal Screens


This decision generated that the devices called Portalsmart screens manufactured by Goal and with capacities close to those of a tablet, they will cease to be produced. This would be a complementary measure to the one taken by the business at the beginning of the year, when it was decided that it would no longer be sold

Portal, the intelligent screen of Meta. (Goal)
Portal, the intelligent screen of Meta. (Goal)

As reported by the Engadget website, the stoppage of activities addressed to this device would be because, even when this product had a sales peak during the pandemicwhen the restrictions were lifted, these gradually declined to the current state in which it was only sold to Business since June this year.


In addition, this product meant just the 1 % of the overall market for Meta, so it was not convenient to maintain the development of the product initial or new versions

smart watch projects

Another of the projects Goal had planned for the coming months and years was to enter the market of smart watch to compete with other products such as apple watch or the PixelWatch with a self-manufactured and developed smart watch.

There are several cases in the world of smartwatches that alerted their users to some risk.
There are several cases in the world of smartwatches that alerted their users to some risk.

Finally, after several rumors about possible functions and features, which included a camera included within the devicethe project has been completely paralyzed even before its arrival on the market and it is most likely that it will not be resumed in the short or medium term.

Reorganization of work teams in Meta

From what is indicated in the already mentioned medium, the personnel who were actively working on the project of the smart watch will be integrated into the development of lenses virtual reality of the company, since the company’s investments in Reality Labs is aimed at augmented reality through devices produced by the company.

This section of the company Zuckerberg, is dedicated to the research and development of virtual and augmented reality experiences. According to the website of Goalis currently engaged in the “development of innovative AR glasses and VR headsets, computer vision, audio, graphics, haptic interaction, full-body tracking, perception science, and real telepresence.”

Finally, the teams that are related to the support of calls Voice and video services were also reorganized and will start working together with others that also operate within the instant messaging category.

It is not known at this time if other Projects or work teams were affected by the decision, but Zuckerberg indicated that Meta’s earnings were not as expected. “Revenue trends are much lower than I predicted. Again, I was wrong. It was a big mistake in the planning of the company. I take responsibility,” he stated.


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