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Meta starts training in Argentina on augmented reality and the metaverse

Meta will train young Argentines in the use of tools to create Augmented Reality effects. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Meta will be in charge of carrying out the training program “Meta Spark in Argentina”, aimed at young people between 18 and 35 years of age in the country with the intention of increasing their knowledge in the use of 3D tools, design and programming.

This program, which seeks the incorporation of these people into the labor market, will last six months and will train more than 700 young people from the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Chubut, Entre Ríos, Misiones and Santa Fe, was presented at collaboration with the National Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat of Public Innovation and Puerta 18, a non-profit organization dedicated to stimulating skills and vocations through the use of technological tools.

The total amount that will be invested by the technology company will be more than $50,000 that will be allocated to scholarships for students who wish to obtain the Meta Spark Studio certification, the company’s platform that allows the creation of effects in Augmented Reality (AR).

Creator Certification in Meta Spark Studio.  (Goal)
Creator Certification in Meta Spark Studio. (Goal)

In addition to its publication, Spark Studio allows users to share the effects they have created and connect with other people dedicated to the development and creation of this type of content that, according to Meta, is used by more than 100 million people in Latin America.

During the presentation of the program, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, indicated that investment for the development of Argentina comes from different sectors of civil society, the State and the private sector. “There is a vocation for training, continuing to learn, and above all, for trying to transform talent into wealth, development and benefits for the community.”

During the training sessions, the young people will have the support of the Ministry of Public Innovation, in addition to the possibility of contacting mentors and preparing to take the exam that will give them access to the certification that Meta will grant at the end of the program.

Effects in Meta Spark Studio.  (Goal)
Effects in Meta Spark Studio. (Goal)

According to the company that develops applications such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, the training will not only be accessible in person, but young people who wish to be part of the program will also be able to do so from their homes in a virtual format.

In addition, the program will not have just one theme, but will be several divided into 4 stages that will be carried out with the support of the Meta Blueprint platform, which offers users a series of virtual courses, programs and certifications for Meta tools. There are currently three modules available related to Augmented Reality called “Quick Start”, “AR Fundamentals” and “Augmented Reality Pro”.

For its part, a study carried out by the Analysis Group consultancy estimated that the economy of the metaverse in Latin America could be 320,000 million dollars within the next decade.

Spark AR Courses.  (Capture/Goal)
Spark AR Courses. (Capture/Goal)

María Julia Díaz Ardaya, director of Public Policies at Meta for the Spanish-speaking countries of South America, indicated that augmented reality is the door to the metaverse and the opportunities that this future offers. According to her, the company will train young people “in cutting-edge technologies, which will allow them to contribute to the economic development of the country, and create opportunities for SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals to offer their products and services in Argentina and the world.”

This is not the only initiative from Meta in regards to AR, but it has already been incorporated into physical products such as the Meta Quest Pro headset, which integrates external cameras into the device to record what happens outside the headset and display it on the device screen. The virtual features are then added to the real world through a software process.

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