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Meta has built a supercomputer for AI: it will be the fastest in the world

Meta supercomputer for AI
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The American giant Meta (parent company of Facebook) announced on Monday that it had built a supercomputer dedicated to artificial intelligence. When it is finally finished, it will be the most powerful in the world.

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Meta makes a major breakthrough in AI, formalizing the construction of a new artificial intelligence research supercomputer, dubbed AI Research SuperCluster (RSC). Supposed to be completed in mid-2022, it should then be the fastest in the world. After the first phase of its advancement, it is already considered one of the largest and fastest supercomputers in the world.


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Meet the demands of the next generation of AI

The RSC is billed as an artificial intelligence supercomputer that Meta says will be the largest on the planet by this summer. It will have to meet the company’s requirements in terms of the safety of production systems and will offer it the flexibility and development experience that its researchers need today.

The demands of the next generation of AI were enough to convince Meta to adopt RSC, which the company is already beginning to use for automatic language processing (NLP) and computer vision (computer vision), an application of machine learning that involves analyzing and then interpreting a video file or image, giving the computer some ability to see.

Eventually, this supercomputer will help Meta create new and better AI models, capable of assimilating billions and billions of information in hundreds of different languages, analyzing text, images and videos simultaneously , to develop new augmented reality tools, to deploy a real-time voice translation system to a large group of people speaking different languages, etc.

With its supercomputer, Meta wants “the ultimate in high-performance computing” and thinks of the metaverse

The exploit is colossal on the side of Meta. The company, which thought at the beginning of 2020 about building this new infrastructure from scratch, had to face the pandemic and the shortage of chip supply, which could have caused some delay in its plans. . The group’s engineers have often been able to advance this major project on one leg.

Meta, who says she wants the ultimate in high performance computing “, already announces the color by indicating to want to triple, by July, the capacity of this new data center, by climbing up to 16,000 GPUs (it is currently 6,080 GPUs). Meta specifies that the supercomputer will have a bandwidth of 16 TB/s and an exabyte-scale capacity, either 1,000 petabytes or more than one million terabytes, for ” meet increased demand “.

It’s no secret that Meta – and its new name speaks for itself – has made the virtual world, the famous metaverse, one of its top priorities for the decade. The RSC, its supercomputer, will contribute to “ create the foundations of the technologies that will propel the metaverse says Meta’s AI team.


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