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Meta Accounts Center is the option to link Facebook and Instagram profiles, how to use it

Meta Account Center (Meta)

Meta has the objective of integrating the profiles of the users of its social networks What Facebook and Instagramwhich is why it has designed new functions within its interface known as the Account Center, so that people will be able to access “shared experiences” between the accounts of both platforms.


With this addition, the technology company has also given users of the possibility of link your accountsso that it can be easier to configure data such as name, profile picture and user information from a single point.

In addition, this Account Center will allow people to use their Instagram account to directly access their Facebook account and vice versa without the need to enter a password. password for it.

Meta Account Center (Capture)
Meta Account Center (Capture)

According to the publication made by Meta, a functionality is being tested that will allow users of its platforms in iOS and Android switch from one account to another without leaving the applications as long as both have been registered in the Center.

Similarly, another functionality that is currently being tested, both on Android and iOS devices, is the one that could allow the creation of new accounts Instagram and Facebook directly from this section of the platforms. As now, the profile of one of them could be used to access another specific account that is registered.


However, the options of access and transition between accounts are not the only functions that the users of the social networks of Meta will be able to have at their disposal, but it is also possible share posts simultaneously between both accounts, which will make it easier for users to generate contents for their communities.

How to access the Account Center

To access the Account Center of goal from instagramusers will need to follow these steps:

– Click on the thumbnail profile picture located in the lower right corner of the Instagram home screen.

– Enter the Option menu by pressing the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen.

– Press the option Setting.

Meta Account Center (Capture)
Meta Account Center (Capture)

– Click on the option Account Center. This is near the bottom of the list of configuration options.

To enter the Account Center from facebook users need:

– Enter the options menu by clicking on the tab Profiles and pages in the corner.

– Find the option Settings and Privacy to open its dropdown menu.

– Click on the Configuration section.

Meta Account Center (Capture)
Meta Account Center (Capture)

– Once inside, locate the option Account Centerlocated in the lower part of the screen, below the Account, Security and Ads sections.

Increased account access security

According to Meta, the functionalities available such as those of prompt access for the users will be able to help to increase the account securityespecially when they have activated the two-step authentication in order to enter them.

The Account Center post indicates that while it is possible to transition from one account to another, users will not be vulnerable in the event of unwanted access on other devices.

“If someone activates two-factor authentication for their Facebook account, then a device not recognized You cannot log into your Facebook account with your Instagram login information,” the statement read.


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