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Memes, knowledge tests and more: this is how they celebrated World Simpsons Day on networks

A day like today, but from 1987, before a commercial for the recently released comedian’s show Tracey Ulmanof the chain Foxa brief announcement was made animated short of just 88 seconds duration, called The Simpsonswhich would soon become a worldwide phenomenon.


Those seconds turned into 35 continuous years of entertainment. At first the yellow family It seemed a little quirky and drawn with some carelessness, however, that did not matter to endear itself to the public. On this day her followers celebrate her story with memes and the scenes that have marked them the most.

Matt Groening, Its creator began his career by editing some artisan fanzines that he began distributing among family and friends. Their humor and creativity led him to climb to different positions, from a local newspaper to the Fox network. Prior to his meeting with the program The Tracey Ullman Showwho had the idea of ​​presenting animated shorts at the end of some programming blocks, decided to create the yellow family with five members.


Due to the rush the names of the five characters were the same as their family, except for himself, baptizing leaving him the name of Bart. The project was accepted and on the night of April 19, 1987, the first animated short was broadcast.

The animated series has accompanied several generations with its humor, which is why millions of people are fond of all its characters. On this special day, not only could the family memes be missing, but the remembrance of some chapters: one of them is where they do tribute to Stanley Kubrick with the movie A Clockwork Orange.


And how to forget when Homer honored the scene starring Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Businessesreleased in 1983, which recounts the adventure of Joel, a young teenager who stays in the care of his house when his parents go on vacation.

Can’t forget when Homer chased after Flanders, in the chapter Homer loves Flanders of the fifth season, as if it were T-1000the droid from the future who is enemy of Terminator.

Without a doubt, the references to important movies of the pop world are enough in The Simpsons, even so, the memes are not far behind. On this day, some memes could not fail, like the following one, where it places the expectation of how people believe World Simpsons Day will be celebrated against reality.


Clearly the classic would not be left out either homer the elegant meme, which is always used for important dates, such as the premiere of a series, movie, video game, among other things.

As the series already has a few years “yesterdays”, there are those who say they feel like grandfather Abraham Simpson in the chapter Homerpalooza, when he says the famous phrase: “I was cool, but then they changed the cool. Now the wave that I bring is not wave, and the wave of wave seems very bad to me. And it’s going to happen to you!”, in the sense that the new generations (Gen Z), no longer watch them on television or recite their chapters like the previous generations.

On this day, die-hard fans also took the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the series, making knowledge tests. Although many know some phrases from memes, there are symbols, such as the one drawn by Kirk Van Houten, father of Milhouse, which represents dignity and was explained in episode six of the eighth season.

It doesn’t matter how they fans celebrate or remember The Simpsonsthe truth is that since its premiere they have been a phenomenon and the favorite family of many.


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