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Meizu’s four wheels are not out – for now

Meizu's four wheels are not out - for now

At one time, it seemed that in addition to Xiaomi, the Meizu could also rise to the ranks of major manufacturers, but then due to various difficulties, the momentum stopped, in fact: a backward face followed, and the brand came out with fewer and fewer mobile phones, which was eventually replaced by the Chinese car manufacturer Geely acquired. The latter has no financial problems and is considered a real art collector on the market: it is the majority owner of Volvo, Lotus and Polestar, the London EV Company and other lesser-known brands. But he also bought into Aston Martin and sells his own vehicles under the brands Geely Auto, Zeekr, Maple and Geometry.

Zeekr 001 and FlymeAuto onboard system (source: Top Electric SUV) [+]

This also means that the company founded in the 80s has quite a lot of expertise in the world of four-wheelers, and since modern cars, especially electric cars, use a lot of modern technology, Geely has experience in this as well. Meizu fits into the picture not only with its data communication solutions, but also with its Flyme software interface: the Zeekr 001’s on-board computer specifically runs FlymeAuto, and an agreement has also been reached according to which Geely vehicles will be available in Meizu stores. What’s more: the latter will help the former to market own-brand smartphones, but the agreement may also be beneficial in the opposite way.

The Chery Wujie Pro
The Chery Wujie Pro (source: Car News China)

Meizu already started a large-scale expansion of staff in electric car positions last year, and on January 9 submitted its request to the Wujie Auto to remove a brand name, he punched out the Car News China. But there is a small catch: a Cherry presented one last year Wujie Pro called a small and cheap EV, and according to the source, there may still be legal friction from the common name. Of course, who knows: there may already be a connection between the two Wujies, they just haven’t tied it to the nose of the high-ranking one. Even if these efforts were not obvious, Meizu was interested in the electric car genre, its own brand, the Pandas announced: he is working on building an electric charging network.

The most practical, of course, in the case of Meizu/Wujia EVs would be to use the Geely SEA platform, after all, this is already beyond the development and testing cycle, laying the foundation for mass production. But for now, the parent company is completely silent about its subsidiary’s electric car aspirations, which may not come to fruition until years later. THE Meizu 20 on the other hand, a high-end phone is already being prepared and may arrive in the spring, as there is a teaser trailer for it.

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