Home Android Meizu 20 poses in a yellow dress

Meizu 20 poses in a yellow dress

Meizu 20 poses in a yellow dress

Meizu, which has been relegated to the background for years, is preparing for a big comeback: in the spring, it can challenge its Chinese rivals with a model equipped with a 10-bit, QHD+ resolution, 1800 nit top panel, naturally with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. As always, the Meizu 20 Pro does not arrive alone, and while the top model wears four camera rings one below the other based on the leaked photo (it is not certain that the bottom one with the LED ring will involve optics), the latest official render showed Meizu 20 gets rid of one.

Render image of the Meizu 20 (source: Weibo) [+]

This phone looks exactly like the shape of the iPhone 14 combined with the camera layout of the Galaxy S23, and as familiar as the clean design is, it suits the phone, as does the fresh, bright yellow paint. This model can be viewed more closely from the camera side, so you can spot a lens in the middle of the LED circle, which may offer a macro or microscope function. The announcement will take place sometime in the spring.

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