Meet the cast of “Until we meet again”, Netflix’s first Peruvian film

Salvador and Ariana have completely opposite lives, but love at first sight and the journey through the wonders of Peru will strengthen a very unexpected romance between a Spanish businessman and a Peruvian backpacker. (Netflix)

Netflix makes its first production made in Peru official with the launch of Until we meet againwhich will arrive on March 18 on the platform streaming. Starring Stephanie Cayo and maxi churchesthe film follows the love story between two completely different people who meet by accident in Cuzcothe most famous tourist destination in this country.

Bruno Ascenzo (at 40 and Single coveted) is the filmmaker behind this film proposal that mixes comedy, romance and Peruvian culture. The filming took place last year and focused mainly on the famous city in the Peruvian Andes that concentrates a large part of its history for having functioned as the capital of the Inca Empire centuries ago. Other beautiful landscapes from regions such as Puno and Paracas were also the setting for the film.

Until we meet again will tell the story of Salvador Campodónico, a successful Spanish businessman whose family owns the most important hotel corporation in all of Spain, who for the construction of his first international project will choose to land in front of a world wonder: Cusco, the navel of the world. It is there that he meets Ariana, a backpacking adventurer who lives a completely opposite life from his, free of ties, which she will love and hate as they get to know each other. Will they manage to walk on the same route? Will their love be enough to break the paradigms of goodbye? ”, Says the official synopsis.

who’s who in Until we meet again?

Stephanie Cayo it’s Ariana. The Peruvian actress of Italian descent gives life to a young backpacker who travels around her native country and spends time having fun. She is not in a hurry to achieve success or have money, she prefers to enjoy the moment. Cayo began her career in Peru with soap operas shenanigans of the heart, Maria Emilia, dear and Stolen kissesand is currently known in other Latin American countries and Spain for her roles in The hypochondriac, ravens club, The Brotherhood, Commanderamong others.

maxi churches is Savior. The Spanish actor and model has previously participated in other titles of Netflix What ValeriaLto Castamar’s cook and Toy Boand. Now he puts himself in the shoes of a Spanish tourist who arrives in Cusco to start the project of a seven-star hotel in front of Machu Picchu, the most recognized wonder of Peru.

The cast is completed Renata Flores en Renata, the 20-year-old Peruvian singer and rapper became known in the music industry for her songs that mix urban rhythms (hip hop, trap and pop) with the Quechua language. Amiel Cayo It’s Uberto. The actor, plastic artist and musician from Puno is best known for his role in the acclaimed Altarpiece.

On the other hand, Wendy Ramos is lychee. She is a Peruvian actress, theater director and clown who began her artistic career with the successful comedy show Pataclaun. He has also appeared in movies like crazy in love 2, at 40, Asu mare! two and Father there is only one. Your sole proprietorship, Stringhas had tours in different countries of the world. Mayella Lloclla en Sofía, the Peruvian film and television artist known for her work in A World for Julius, The Womb, The Last Stand and will soon appear in the new season of the queen of the south.

Until we meet again will arrive on March 16 to the catalog of Netflix.



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