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Meet the cast of Outer Banks, Netflix series

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Thanks to the intriguing script and its quality cast, the series Outer Banks became yet another Netflix teen hit. The production gained new episodes with the release of the third season last Thursday (23) and already has the fourth season confirmed by its producers, Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shansnon Burke.

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A series follows the search for a lost treasure by the Pogues, a group of best friends who have to deal with their personal dramas and the uncertainties of adolescence.

Learn about the Outer Banks cast that stars young John, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, Cleo and the dreaded Rafe and Ward Cameron.

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Protagonists in the 1st season of Outer Banks.Source: Disclosure/IMDb

Chase Stokes (John B. Routledge)

The actor who plays the leader of the Pogues, John B. Routledge, is the American Chase Stokes. The artist worked as a model before winning acting roles.

The Disclosure/IMDB

In 2014, Stokes participated in lost island (2014), Basis (2015) and in the famous Netflix series Stranger Things (2016) with a non-speaking role. Your resume also has the titles Daytime Divas (2017), The Beach House (2018) and Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets (2021).

In the skin of John B. Routledge, the actor lives the adventure of discovering the reasons for the disappearance of his father, Big John B., in addition to understanding his feelings for his longtime friend, Sarah Cameron.

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Madelyn ClineSarah Cameron

The Disclosure/IMDB

Madelyn Cline is a professional dancer and started her career as a child model for top brands such as T-Mobile Version, Next and Sunny D.

As an actress, Cline has played roles in Christian films and participated in series with greater audience reach such as The jury (2003), he Originals (2013), Stranger Things (2016) and Boy Erased (2018).

In Outer Banks, Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron, the daughter of the city’s wealthy who are called “Kooks”. The character is known for being sweet and loyal to her Pogues friends.

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Madison Bailey (Kiara Carrera)

The Disclosure/IMDB

In real life, young Kiara/Kie’s face is that of actress Madison Bailey. The artist born in North Carolina, USA, has also participated in productions such as creepshow, night secrets (2020) and American Horror Stories (2021).

In addition to sharing your work on the internet, Madison Bailey is a racial activist and came out as pansexual in 2020 on his TikTok profile.

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Jonathan Davis (Pope Heyward)

The Disclosure/IMDB

Jonathan Daviss is yet another complete artist who stars in Netflix productions. In addition to being part of the cast of Outer Banks as the fearless Pope Heyward, JD acted in justiceiras (2022) as Elliot Tanners.

In the teenage series, we see Jonathan Daviss dealing with poverty and the struggle for his character’s dream: winning a scholarship.

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Rudy Pankow (JJ Maybank)

The Disclosure/IMDB

Rudy Pankow began to gain attention in the entertainment industry with his appearance in the film Uncharted: Off the Map (2022), whose plot is based on the first Playstation game called “Drake’s Fortune”.

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After playing Tom Holland’s older brother in Uncharted, Rudy Pankow now plays JJ Maybank. His role in Outer Banks as John B’s childhood best friend, leader of the Pogues.

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Carlacia Grant (Cleo)

The Disclosure/IMDB

Actress Carlacia Grant joins the Outer Banks family from the second season onwards. Living the character Cleo, the artist enchanted the audience of the series with her skill with knives —as well as promising a riveting romance with one of the Pogues, the clever Pope Heyward.

Grant’s career also includes Greenleaf (2017) as Danielle Turner.

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Drew Starkey (Rafe Cameron)

The Disclosure/IMDB

Actor Drew Starkey’s filmography has several series movie titles. The most recent ones are ozark (2017), The Resident (2018), Scream: Resurrection (2015), The Devil of Every Day (2020) and the lovely romance With Love, Simon (2018)

In Outer Banks, Starkey plays Sarah’s older brother, the evil Rafe Cameron.

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Charles Esten (Ward Cameron)

The Disclosure/IMDB

In addition to the villain Ward Cameron, actor Charles Esten has played characters in series and films such as The Messenger (1997), 13 Days That Shook the World (2000), The Mentalist (2007), Big Love (2008) and Nashville: No Rhythm of Fame (2012).

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Did you enjoy getting to know the cast of Outer Banks better? Stay on top of the mysteries that season 3 brought to fans of the series!

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