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Meet the cast of Manifest, a mystery series on Netflix

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Hot on Netflix, Manifest is a series of suspense and mystery that is very pleasing to those who miss the series lost🇧🇷 The plot is even a little similar: it tells the story of a group of passengers on Flight 828, which left Jamaica for the United States on April 7, 2013 and simply disappeared.

The story is narrated by Michaela Stone, and the action revolves around her family. Michaela boarded Flight 828 with her brother Ben and her nephew Cal, who was diagnosed with leukemia. She remained on land sister-in-law Grace and Luna, Cal’s twin sister.

During the trip, the plane suffers terrible turbulence, but apparently everything works out. Occurs that, when they finally arrive in New York, the 191 passengers discover that it’s been five years since the moment they took off🇧🇷 Only, for those who remained on the ground, they actually disappeared for this period.


In this text, we present who is part of the cast of Manifest. Check it out and take the opportunity to find out about the plot!

1. Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

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the protagonist of Manifest is Michaela Stone, a detective who works at New York City’s 129th precinct. She is the first to hear the Callings – voices after the incident – ​​and is the character most determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding the flight. Michaela is lived by Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh, who was cast in the film. diary of a Wimpy Kid🇧🇷

2. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

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Ben, Michaela’s brother, is a math teacher. He is married to Grace and is the father of twins Cal and Olive. Just like your son Cal, Ben also feels the Callings more intensely than other passengers, becoming obsessed with deciphering these mysteries.

The character is lived by the American Josh Dallas, also known for living Fandral in Thor and Prince Charming in the series Era uma vez.

3. Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

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With the disappearance of Flight 828, Grace, the wife of Ben Stone, became a single mother, and had to make do. When he returns five years later, she has to make a series of decisions about her life, and she still has the emotional experience of being reunited with her son Cal.

In the series, Grace is played by Canadian actress Athena Karkanis, who was cast in Saw IV.

4. Jared Vasques (JR Ramirez)

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Jared is a detective with the NYPD’s 129th Precinct. He was Michaela’s colleague and fiancé before she disappeared on Flight 828. By an irony of fate, with her disappearance, the detective ends up marrying her best friend.

Jared Vasques is lived by the Cuban actor J. R. Ramirez, who was in the series Jessica Jonesfrom Netflix.

5. Olive Stone (Luna Blaise)

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Olive Stone is the daughter of Ben and Grace. Unlike her brother, she was not on Flight 828, which is why she spent five years away from the two, with whom she has a very affectionate relationship. The teenager is played by the American Luna Blaise, who also participated in the series Fresh Off the Boat.

6. Cal Stone (Jack Messina and Ty Doran)

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Calo, Ben and Grace’s son and Olive’s twin brother, is played by actors Jack Messina and Ty Doran. As he was on Flight 828, he is now five and a half years younger than his twin sister.

7. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

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Dr Saanvi Bahl is a research physician who dedicated his life to unveiling the messages of the Called🇧🇷 Throughout the Manifest series, she is recruited to work for the NSA’s Project Eureka task force, which searches for clues about Plane 828.

The character is played by Canadian actress Parveen Kaur, who also participated in the cast of American Gods.

8. Robert Vance (Daryl Edwards)

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Finally, Robert Vance is the director of the NSA who releases the investigation surrounding the return of Flight 828. But his job is not easy: he was manipulated by passengers about the Callings, he was involved in an explosion, he was captured by enemies, until he was deposed of his position within the NSA. Vance continues to help the Stone family, despite everything he’s been through.

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The character is played by veteran actor Daryl Edwards. He has a long resume in film, and has been in films such as Die Hard 3 and Splash – A Mermaid in My Life.

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