Me, the Boss and the Children: best episodes to watch in 2023

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There are some series that are almost impossible to get sick of. Among them, certainly, is Me, the boss and the kids (My Wife and Kids), a comedy production that premiered in 2001 and that, even after years, remains one of the most loved series by Brazilians. The work had five seasons in total and was on the air until 2005, when it was surprisingly canceled by ABC, the original broadcaster of the series, due to issues related to the audience.

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Created by Don Reo and actor Damon Wayans, who also played Michael Kyle, the family patriarch, Me, the boss and the kids has some unforgettable episodes, which live in the hearts of fans.

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Me, the Boss and the Children: best episodes of the series

Below, check out the best chapters of the production to watch in 2023 and have fun! In addition to the name and a brief description, we also include the season and numbering of each episode, to make it easier for fans to marathon.

Fantasy Camp – Season 5 – Episodes 1 and 2

Opening the list, we have a narrative that is divided into two episodes in which Michael is presented by Jay (Tisha Campbell) with a ticket to Jordan’s Fantasy Basketball Camp, in Las Vegas, an event in which some lucky ones can play basketball with the star of NBAMichael Jordan. the patriarch of Me, the boss and the kids is euphoric to find the idol, however, things do not go as well as he had planned.

The Kyle’s Go To Hawaii – Season 3 – Episodes 1, 2 and 3

One more special, this time with 3 episodes, marked the minds of fans. We’re talking about the time when the Kyle family goes on vacation to Hawaii and several unusual situations happen. For example, Michael has his luggage stolen, Junior (George O. Gore II) falls in love with a girl who works at the hotel, Kady (Parker McKenna Posey) loses her doll and Claire (Jennifer Freeman) goes into debt buying several items.

He Heard, She Heard – Season 2 – Episode 6

One of the episodes most remembered by fans is also this one, in which Michael hears Claire on the phone saying that she intends to run away to a party. He then plans to surprise his daughter and catch her in the jump. What he didn’t imagine, however, is that Kady would warn Claire of her father’s plan before he could execute it. In the end, however, Michael manages to come out on top and put Claire on the “wall of shame” anyway.

Get Out – Season 2 – Episode 14

In this chapter, Michael deals with one of the biggest challenges of his life: getting his family ready, in 15 minutes, for a wedding. It is clear, however, that no one cooperates and several things happen along the way, leaving Michael angry and impatient.

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No Rules – Season 2 – Episode 3

Another episode from Season 2. Here, Jay is away on a trip and Michael is left in charge of taking care of Junior, Claire and Kady. However, the children rebel against their father and demand that he be less rigid. Michael complies with the children’s request and gives them “total freedom”, however, he uses some tricks to show that it is important to follow rules.

Graduation – Season 3 – Episodes 26 and 27

Junior is about to graduate from high school and leave for university. As a gift for winning, Michael and Jay give him a trip to Japan, which is also a way to keep him away from Vanessa, as the couple was speeding their relationship too much. However, at the end of the narrative, Junior gives up the trip when he discovers that Vanessa is pregnant.

The Maid – Season 4 – Episode 26

In this episode, Jay needs to travel to a seminar and, as a way to keep everything in order, Michael hires a lady, Mrs. Hopkins., to help him around the house. When Jay returns, he discovers that the woman is extremely efficient and neat, which makes him very jealous.

Table for Too Many – Season 2 – Episodes 16 and 17

One of the most beloved episodes of Me, the boss and the kids, of course, is Tokahana’s. When the family goes out to dinner at the Japanese restaurant, Michael is extremely uncomfortable for two reasons: First, he doesn’t want to go. Second, he encounters a man he had a confrontation with earlier who pisses him off to no end.

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Michael Joins a Gym – Season 5 – Episode 19

Now, one of the most remembered episodes of the series and even became a meme. In the chapter, Michael begins to attend a gym that has an instructor beyond funny, played by Terry Crews. He is responsible for the famous Euro Training, which leaves Michael absolutely perplexed.

Where to watch Me, the Boss and the Kids?

The series is so popular in Brazil that it is constantly possible to see videos on YouTube endlessly broadcasting the production. However, the series is also available, with all seasons, via streaming.

Currently, Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças can be watched through Star+ streaming, which has all seasons of the series. The platform can be subscribed in the country for prices starting at BRL 32.90 on the official website, or for BRL 14.90 monthly with Mercado Livre, which includes the platform and Disney+ for free.