MCU’s Blade wins new director and Emmy-nominated writer; check out

At the very end of August the reboot of Blade from Marvel, with Mahershala Ali (True Detective and Green Book), went through the resignation of its director Bassim Tariq and went on pause until it found a new one to take over the production of the feature.


However, on Monday (21), according to the Deadline website, the title found a new professional to take over the position. The MCU’s Vampire Hunter Movie Has Hired French Filmmaker Yann Demange, from Lovecraft Country and Top Boy. In addition, now we will also have the Emmy-nominated screenwriter Michael Starbury of Condemning Eyes from Netflix.

Source: HBO


With so much turmoil, fans are worried about the future of Blade and they hope this will be the last major change in their production. However, we have great news about this: according to internal reports from Marvel, the creative team was asked to bring a darker tone to the film, perhaps bringing some of the atmosphere of the original, starring Wesley Snipes.

Demange looks promising

The new director of Blade it could be everything Marvel fans hoped for in the future of the long. Demange broke through with his directorial debut in the 1971 film, which garnered rave reviews. In addition to being in Lovecraft Country, the French-born, London-raised filmmaker also directed crime drama White Boy Rick (with Matthew McConaughey) and is currently working on Scanners for HBO, showing that the MCU may now be in good hands.


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