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Max angers subscribers on his landing in the US: technical failures and snubbing the writers

Max angers subscribers on his landing in the US: technical failures and snubbing the writers

In recent months, the conglomerate’s movements Warner Bros. Discovery in the provision of their content in streaming have created numerous controversies. Max, the new platform that will replace HBO Max and Discovery Plus, landed yesterday in the United States and caused confusion among the spectators after numerous glitches and hard-to-understand decisions. A series of conflicts that the service should resolve before making the leap to the international market.

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However, this migration of millions of customers was already seen as conflictive by the company’s executives, who decided to take refuge in the face of possible failures. “You always have to anticipate problems in a technological deployment of this scale. We can share that only a few minor ones have arisen and they were quickly remedied,” said the company spokesperson.

The technical failures of Max, the replacement for HBO Max

These usage problems could be more than normal according to the Downdetector monitoring service, compared to the history of changes of this platform and the major problems you faced in the past.

In fact, at the peak of subscriber reporting, Max received 447 complaints as of 9:05 ET. A figure that is low for a video on demand service, especially considering that it was produced only a few hours after its launch. But, The networks did not hesitate to cry out soon that these failures had not been resolved in advance.

“It’s crazy how they pushed Max on us, but it doesn’t work at all.”

“The new Max app picks up right where HBO Max left off. The HBO Max app experience is easily one of the worst I’ve seen from a major media company. And here the Max app seems to top it.”

“Max not working on Roku?”.

“I tried to sign in to the new MAX app today, but it doesn’t work for LibertyPR in Puerto Rico and HBO Max was supported. Has it been removed?”

Max’s problems with the ‘creators’

The conflict does not end there, the subscribers who did manage to access Max’s catalog found themselves face to face with a new type of cards where the appearance of the ‘creators’ prevails, as a general concept to show the workers behind. This fact was soon taken as contempt for those responsible for the films and series, and even more so in the midst of the controversy over the writers’ strike in the US.

“The new HBO Max (MAX) has removed the writer/director credits on its interface in favor of a vague ‘creators’.”

‘Creators’. Another move by studios to diminish the role of writers, directors, actors and other artists2-

“Another example of why it’s incredibly important to continue to fight for full credits across all creative media in all formats. Underdoing is lazy at best, egregious erasure at worst.”

These criticisms of the new token system also came along with many other comments citing the constant changes of a streaming service that does not finish settling down, after the many transformations it has undergone over the years. Will Max be able to convince the public?

“Max is not television, it is content.”

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